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***I absolutely loved Blake, Candice and all of the supporting characters in Crossed Forces! This book had love, suspense, emotion, best friends, hot sexy alpha males, and strong women. It really did have everything! ~Love2ReadRomance***

I’m a shadow of my former self.

I can’t even look at my reflection in the mirror anymore.

They’ve taken every bit of who I was before and ruined it.

But I’m determined.

Whatever it takes, I will find my way back to the girl I once was.

The girl who Blake Laine worshipped.



The only man to ever make my heart skip beats just by speaking my name.

If I fight hard enough then maybe, just maybe he might look at me the way he used to.

After all, in his eyes I’d always be beautiful, wouldn’t I?

A heroic woman’s journey from self loathing to self love, bravery in the face of extreme adversity and a man who makes her feel beautiful at her lowest point.

Book 2

**The whole story took me on a rollercoaster of emotions and the twist and turns at times made me sit there in shock! This story is definitely a 5 star read and one I just fell in love with ~Tracey&HelensBookBlog

I am Greyson Taylor. 

I have killed. Destroyed. Demolished. 

I have fought for my life and the lives of my men. 

I am a soldier. 

It’s in my blood. 

At least, it was. 

Until I became a diagnosis. 

A statistic. 

A stereotype. 

I am PTSD. 

Now I’m fighting the biggest battle of all. 

Because there’s a girl who fell in love with Greyson Taylor. 

Here is our story. 

This is how she saves me. 

This is how I find my way home.

The story of a cocky alpha male who is facing his demons head on, in order to be the man his girl deserves.

Book 3

Some things were just meant to be

Like a cherry on a bakewell tart

Or vanilla frosting on a cupcake

That was us

Star Crossed Lovers

What we had defied time, distance, or any other kind of logic

Me loving him

Him loving me

Until the end

But what happens when the end comes too soon

And neither of us are ready to let go?

The ultimate second chance romance, for everyone who believes they can find their bit of happy, when the ever after doesn't go to plan.

This is the Complete Hot Hero Series by Autumn Ruby.

June 18
Wild Hearts Romance
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