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From NYT and USA Today Best Selling Author comes a beach read that isn’t the typical sun-drenched location. Homer, Alaska. A Navy SEAL on leave. A nurse practitioner in seclusion. A jealous ex-lover looking for redemption…or is it revenge? 

Navy SEAL Levi Van der Hayden returns to his family home in Homer, AK for the three Rs…rest, relaxation and recovery. As the only SEAL injured during his team’s last mission, the last thing he wants to do is show his bullet wound to friends…it’s in his left gluteus maximus and he’s tired of being the butt of all the jokes (his own included.) 

After a violent confrontation with a controlling, narcissistic ex-lover, nurse practitioner Bailey Brown flees Texas for Alaska. A maternal grandmother still in residence provides the ideal sanctuary…still in the U.S. but far enough away to escape her ex’s reach.

Attracted to the cute nurse from his welcome home beach party, Levi insists on showing her the real Alaska experience. When her safety is threatened, he must use all his SEAL skills to protect her and eliminate the risk, even if it means putting his own life on the line.

July 9
Riante, Inc.
Riante, Inc

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Stanhop3234 ,


I enjoyed this fast paced romance.
Levi is home for R&R after getting shot in the bum. He’s been the butt of many jokes from his team and the last thing he needs is to show any discomfort.
Bailey has escaped her abusive ex in Texas going to Alaska. She needs time away. Spending time with her grandmother in Alaska and filling in for the local doctor will give the time to heal.
Levi and Bailey meet at a party and Levi ends up needing his wound tended. There’s an instant attraction. Baileys not interested in a relationship and Levi is only home to heal then he’s back to his Seal team. They strike up a deal a little R&R romance and then go their separate ways. Seems simple, but what starts slow and sweet just gets sweeter can they go their separate ways or have they built something that’s a chance of a lifetime?

SucessQueen ,

Hit Seals Alaskan Nights

This book through the eyes of Levi takes you into the great wild country of Alaska and what it’s like to live there. If you haven’t been there yet give yourself a present. I can’t wait to see if again. This book is great and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It gives you closure to “Dutch”. April H Jacksonville FL.

Jen G F ,

Hot Seal, Alaskan Nights

ARC for honest review with no compensation 4.5 stars

Hot Seal, Alaskan Nights by Cynthia D’Alba is part of the SEALs in Paradise 2019 series by various authors.

Levi “Dutch” Van der Hayden a Navy Seal on leave for rest, relaxation and recover from an injury during his last mission. Out with his buddies to a bonfire he runs into a beautiful woman who strikes his fancy.

Bailey Brown, Nurse practitioner from Texas comes to Alaska to get away from her ex, visit with her maternal grandmother and is working for the town doctor for a few months before returning to Texas.

Sparks fly between Dutch and Bailey but both know it’s only for a short time...til Dutch needs to go back to his seal team BUT when trouble comes calling for Bailey, Dutch knows he will do whatever it takes to keep her safe even it it means putting himself in danger cause he knows after this short time...she’s his “one and only”...

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