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She’ll ask him to marry her. And pray he says yes…

Kayla wants a daddy for her little girl. Navy SEAL Zach is perfect for the job. Kayla’s made wrong choices before, but she knows this one is right. Zach’s a strong, honorable man who will keep her baby safe. 

Zach’s been twisted up inside from the moment he laid eyes on Kayla. It’s been months, and he still can’t untangle his feelings. Especially after the single night they shared. A night that took their relationship out of the friend zone and put it firmly into the hot zone. 

When Kayla proposes a marriage of convenience, Zach won’t agree to a name-only arrangement. If he’s going to marry Kayla, and be a dad to little Ana, then it’s all or nothing. 

But when Kayla’s past returns, threatening the life they’re building, Zach will sacrifice everything to protect his new family from harm…

June 16
H.O.T. Publishing, LLC
Lynn Raye Harris

Customer Reviews

Mrs CBW ,

HOT Seal Devotion

Lynn is an awesome story teller. A riveting story all the way to the surprise ending. Recommend that you don’t start it during the night when you can’t sleep because you won’t be able to put it down to sleep.

charlligirl ,


I have been waiting on this book since Bailey and Alexei's story. And it was as explosive as I thought it would be. Kayla and Neo have chemistry. Is that all they have? Only time will tell. I will admit, I don't know any man who would marry someone to "protect" them. And is he really ready to be a dad?

When all hell breaks loose, will Neo be there for Kayla and will Kayla believe in and trust him? Given her history, it is easy to see it would be very hard for her.

With only Shade left of the Seals that is single, how will we get our Seal fix? Alpha Squad is basically all married off. So who's left? Maybe Delta or Echo squad. And let's not forget Ghost. His story is going to be EPIC.

GreyGirl50 ,


You can never go wrong with sexy and heroic SEALs with testosterone, military fatigues and soaring competence that makes this story so very appealing. An arranged marriage and an instant family were not on Zach’s radar but when one night fling Kayla and her infant daughter need protection he’s totally on board. I wish there had been more high octane action but the “WHAT???” shocker at the end of the story made me grin from ear to ear! I read an early copy of this book and all options expressed in my voluntary review are completely my own.

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