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Nolan (Ringer) Bell is a SEAL, sidelined for a ruptured appendix and on medical leave. Bored at his mom's house, he agrees to help his sister, a local PI, specializing in financial fraud. The case…suspected money laundering through a wedding chapel with ties to a casino.

His sister has him partnered with Lynn Cox, who just happens to be the high school crush he left behind when he joined the SEALs. Their assignment…to have a pretend wedding to get a close up view at what is going on in the chapel and spend their "honeymoon" at the Casino resort. 

Ringer's sweet but meddling mother is the secretary setting up the details.  

Discovering they are married for real, Ringer and Lynn have to figure out how to get unmarried while still investigating the casino mob's money laundering scheme. A night gambling and drinking lands Ringer and Lynn in honeymoon suite.  Maybe mom knows best, after all. 

September 22
Maryann Jordan
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Reader@70 ,

Sweet Almost Fake Marriage

Nancy, a Private Investigator is hired to determine if her client’s husband is embezzling business funds from their Vegas-like Wedding Chapel she and her husband own 1/2 shares in. She is tired of his monthly trips to the Casino and she hasn’t seen the profits of their business. She wants a divorce and needs to know if he is hiding money. Nancy’s brother, Nolan is home on medical leave and needs him to play an undercover groom and her BFF Lynn to play the fake bride so that they can assist in discovery of client’s business. Lynn has always had the hots for her BFF's brother and the families have known each other for over 10 years. They both agree to get Lynn into the office, then get out and avoid the ceremony but it doesn’t work in their favor and they get married and have to discover if their adventure is worth the risk. This is an exciting adventure to remember their connection, find information, almost get killed and discover that maybe some risks are worth taking. This author’s humor and adventure leave on the edge of your seat.

Ladydi232 ,

My favorite trope!!!

Undercover Groom was a sort of fun story that starts with a madcap idea, a pushy sister, a bored injured SEAL and a forensic accountant. From there things only get more complicated.

“Two worlds that had collided for an amazing night, but that was all they could ever be.”

The Hero was a bit different than other heroes that this author usually has in her books and that threw me off balance at first. Nolan had to learn from his mistakes, grow a little ...and grovel a lot!

“He acted like a stupid man who blabs and blames first and then thinks it all through...”

I loved Lynn. She has crushed on Nolan for as long as she could remember but She was determined to hold her head up and not be a doormat for any man.

“There’s no timeline on the heart.”

This story is part of the SEALs in Paradise series but each book can be read as a complete standalone.
-5 Stars!-

Agent$$$$ ,

Nolan & Lynn

Lynn has had a crush on Nolan since she was sixteen. Lynn, at the encouragement of Nancy-Nolan’s sister, threw herself at Nolan and attempted to kiss him. Nolan rebuffed Lynn’s advances, but not for the reasons she thinks. Lynn took it hard, but moved on becoming a successful forensic accountant.

Fast forward SEVERAL years...Nolan is on medical leave from his SEALs team for a ruptured appendix. Bored out of his mind, he agrees to help his sister gather information on a case she’s working. Little does he know he’ll be working with Lynn as an “undercover groom”.

This story was highly entertaining. It was a story of second chances, figuring out what really matters in life, and compromising. It was a little unrealistic, but very entertaining and suspenseful at the end. I read a gifted copy of this novel and all opinions stated are my own.

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