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A former Navy SEAL and current bad boy bar owner learns to trust a free spirit in this steamy novel of unexpected romance from the bestselling author of Body Shot and the Heller Brothers series.

Marco Solis knows that if he gets too close to people they disappear. His parents were deported back to Mexico when he was fourteen, his fiancée married someone else while he was in the military, and now his business partner’s spending more time with his girl than with Marco. For better or worse, that’s how Marco meets Carrie Garner. She’s legitimately model-hot. She’s also a nut—a wild, artsy, unapproachable nut. So why is Marco so interested in cracking her shell?

Although Carrie Garner is a natural in front of the camera, her dream is to make it as a photographer. Soon she’ll be heading to Spain for design school, and she’ll miss her best friend, Hayden, like crazy. She’ll even miss Hayden’s boyfriend, Beck—but she won’t miss Beck’s partner, Marco. Bossy, brooding, and annoyingly sexy, Marco really pushes her buttons, though he obviously wouldn’t mind pushing her buttons in an up-against-the-wall, hard-and-fast kind of way. The craziest part is, if Carrie lets him do that, well . . . she may never want to leave.

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Praise for Hot Shot

“Two beautiful, insecure, artistic protagonists resist their obvious attraction to each other . . . The lovers are likeable and their chemistry is strong. . . . Anticipatory tension [and] steamy sexual encounters.”Publishers Weekly

Hot Shot is a charming, sexy frenemies-to-lovers story—don’t miss it!”USA Today bestselling author Serena Bell

“A great read. Sometimes love grabs us when we least expect it, and we found what we never realized we were looking for—a place, a person to belong to.”New York Times bestselling author Melanie Moreland

“Hot, sexy and so much fun! Kelly Jamieson heroes sure know how to show a girl a good time!”New York Times bestselling author Tracy Wolff

“I loved the ending of Hot Shot. Marco finally stole my heart.”—Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews

“I really enjoyed the writing. . . . It was a really good book and if you love romances you should definitely read this one.”—The Girl Who Read Too Much

Includes an excerpt from another Loveswept title.

May 16
Random House Publishing Group
Penguin Random House LLC

Customer Reviews

MiekeReads ,

Enjoyable Read

Hot Shot is a decent book and I enjoyed it. The book is pretty much what you would expect from a Kelly Jamieson romance. I think it is closer to 3 1/2 stars than 4 stars, but I don't like to score a book down.

Our couple, Carrie and Marco, are likable characters who have hidden depths. Carrie is not just an airhead model and Marco is not just a guy looking to skate through life going from party to party. Both characters have self worth issues stemming from their childhoods (where the seeds of self worth issues are generally sown).

Over the course of the book both characters grow and help each other figure out what they want in their lives. By the end of the book I did feel that Carrie and Marco belonged together and had a foundation to build a lasting romantic relationship on.

I would recommend the book to anyone who enjoys contemporary romance.

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Agent$$$$ ,

Opposites Attract

Marco, a former Navy Seal, has experienced a lot of loss in his short life. As a teen, his mom and dad were deported back to Mexico. His sister was placed in a different foster home than him and he hasn't seen her since. While serving his country, his fiancé cheats on him and ends up marrying someone else. So he's learned not to let his heart get involved, not to become too attached. He owns a bar with two of his Navy buddies. That's where he meets the woman he loves to "hate", a woman that's too good for him...

Carrie is a natural beauty and a moneymaking model nearing the end of her career. Although she's beautiful, she feels less than when compared to her siblings. Carrie's dream is to become a photographer, but feels as though she's a disappointment to her family. They are career driven, while Carrie is more "live life to the fullest, carefree". While Carrie thinks Marco is irritating, she also thinks he's really sexy. When they are forced to plan an engagement party for their best friends, they learn they misjudged each other. They find they are more alike, than not. Will they allow their insecurities to ruin their chance at true love?

This was the first Kelly Jamieson novel I've read. I loved it and can't wait to read the next novel in the series!!! I loved the bickering as it added to the sexual tension. I also LOVED Carrie's grandma. She was a hoot! I highly recommend this novel for anyone who loves "Opposites Attract" HEAs. I read a gifted copy of this novel and all opinions stated are my own.

Ayekah ,

Bring On Cade

In this book we meet Marco, another ex SEAL along with Cade and Beck. The three of them own Conquistadors, an upscale Tequila bar (and trying to get their food menu up to par) Hayden and Beck are getting married soon and her best friend Carrie is spending more time at the bar with her. Carrie is a supermodel whose days are getting shorter work wise, she's a talented photographer and like Marco she's full of her own insecurities. Oh and she and Marco hate each other. That's the take off point of the story. Marco calls Carrie because he wants to plan a surprise engagement party for Hayden and Beck and needs her help. He's done all the research on line and has thought things through pretty well. Since she's maid of honor and best friend he enlists her, she's a little reluctant since they can't have a civil conversation but agrees and the planning begins. She's also leaving in 2 months for Spain to study photography. Raised in a family of overachievers she feels like she's never accomplished anything. She sees this as a means to and end. Despite her being work selling in galleries and getting great side jobs, she's still bent on going.
Things heat up with her and Marco. Marco wants her desperately and it takes half the book to get there. The first half is idle dialogue which took me two days to plow through. Once things heat up they really sizzle, but for me those scenes fall a little short and get redundant although I did like Marco's filthy mouth. There are a couple of subplots here, one being her niece, the awesome Grandma and the wedding plans. Cade the man ho and the ongoing menu issues. Marco and Carrie are seeing each other on the sly until it comes out at a gathering and then it's assumed they are a couple, when really they seemed to see it as a fling with a end date. In spite of their growing feelings for each other which were pretty obvious but neither spoke the words. Pfft. These are 30 year olds.
Hayden and Beck get married, Carrie is ready to go and after the wedding Marco tells her he's done. He's calling it off early. That's not a spoiler... threads of that run through the story.
I think this book was a little better than book 1. The dialogue could have been trimmed way back and you'd still have a strong story without all the redundancy between Marco and Carrie. The second half is basically sex. They aren't really deep characters. I'm not sure they're people you can relate to, there's no one focus in the book. I do love Kelly's books and I'm hoping with the momentum of this one Cade's story is even better.
This gets a 3.5 from me, but I rounded it up because of Marco.

**arc from NetGalley and Loveswept in exchange for a fair review**

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