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Lonesome Point Bachelors Series Bundle: Vol 2

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Three HOT, intense small town love stories featuring gruff, heart-stealing cowboys and the strong, feisty heroines they fall for in Lonesome Point, Texas.


This ride is going to last a lot longer than eight seconds…

Female professional bull rider, Reece Hearst, graduated from the school of hard knocks. With honors. Because life is like bull riding—when it sends you to the dirt, you do whatever it takes to get on your feet, even if you have to crawl. She fixed Lonesome Point in her rearview, joined the pro circuit, and never looked back. But now an injury threatens to end her career and she’s home, living next door to the family that made her life a living hell.

After multiple tours of duty, all Grayson Parker wants is to get his family’s cattle business back in the black and live a quiet life. But the return of Reece makes “quiet” impossible. Though it’s hard to care when she makes chaos so much fun… 

Can two damaged hearts find their way to happily-ever-after?


How far will they go for a second chance?

Cole Lawson’s been a lady killer since the day he realized his dimpled smile made all the cowgirls swoon. But when he discovers his high school friend, Layla Parker, is newly single he's ready to make a serious play for the one who got away.

After barely surviving her first love, Layla's not looking for romance, but it isn’t long before her rekindled friendship with Cole grows into something more—something so sexy and sweet neither one of them wants to put on the brakes. 

But when a dark secret from the past threatens their shot at forever, Cole will have to decide—listen to his heart or to the people warning him that loving Layla is dangerous.


Two broken hearts, one chance to make something beautiful with the pieces...

Eight months ago, John Lawson lost his wife. In the time since, he’s devoted himself to two things—taking care of his sons and proving Lily’s death was no accident. Now, he finally has hard evidence that his wife was murdered. He doesn’t have time for anything but vengeance, especially not a ghost hunter wanting to poke around his family’s ranch.

Percy Styles learned about ghosts the hard way, when she was orphaned at the age of seven. She’s in Lonesome Point to document the town’s spectral activity, but finds herself drawn to widower John Lawson. 

But can she stop the man she’s coming to love from becoming a murderer’s next victim?

July 28
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Self Taught Ninja

Customer Reviews

Szmoromou ,

Hot Cowboys

Glitter & Grit

Glitter and Grit is a story about Reece and Greyson. Reece is sisters with Tulsi from Diamond and Dust, and she is nothing like her sister Tulsi. Reece a professional bull rider, ends up in Lonesome Point Christmas Eve (the one place she never thought she would return to after leaving it behind at 18) after being injured. At the bar, she ends up meeting Greyson, "Broody" as she fondly calls him, not knowing his name. There is an instant connection and attraction, and Greyson ends up taking Reece home to his family ranch. The next day Reece realizes that the home she wakes up in is the home of her former riding instructor (Neil), the one man she idolized growing up and the man that changed her life at 18, the age she left Lonesome Point never looking back. Realizing that Greyson is Neil's son, Reece wants nothing to do with him. Greyson on the other hand is not ready to let Reece out of his life and does everything he can to show her that he is a man she can trust and rely on. As they spend time together Reece slowly lets her guard down and she starts to let love in. However their past comes back to haunt them and soon their little bubble of bliss is threatened to burst. Will Reece and Greyson find their happily ever after in the end?

Chaps & Chance

Wow, Lili Valente, just Wow! I loved Cole from the minute I was introduced to him in Glitter and Grit and was so excited to read more about him in Chaps and Chance. Cole is one of the lovely Lawson men, brothers with Bubba from Saddles and Sin. Cole is the man you want on your side. Not only is he HOT, SEXY, SWEET and LOYAL, but also a man to not mess with. He protects his family and friends, especially the woman that he LOVES. Layla Parker is the woman that Cole just couldn't forget. Yea, he may have the player reputation, but no one comes close to his Layla. Layla was always fond of Cole and had deep feelings for him, but chose her high sweetheart to marry. What started as a beautiful courtship quickly changed into a horror. Layla, running away from her abusive husband, brings her back to Lonesome Point and into the arms of Cole. Their chemistry cannot be denied, and although Layla wants to only be friends soon she cannot deny her lust for Cole. She is done being afraid of loving again and Cole is more than ready for his second chance. Twist and tragedy soon effect their blossoming relationship, and both Layla and Cole are left in limbo. Can Layla and Cole overcome all the obstacles standing in their way and finally have their second chance in love?
I love this book! There were so many moments that I was laughing and crying. It was filled with sadness, humor, grief, suspense and second chances in love. Thank you Jessie for once again hitting it out of the ball park!

Ropes & Revenge

I love my Lonesome Point cowboys, especially the Lawson men. John is the eldest of the Lawson men. The strong, loving, reliable, brother, son and husband. He was happily married to Lily, together raising their two sons and taking care of the Lawson family ranch. Then tragedy took Lily away from John in a so called accident. John not believing Lily's death was an accident spent everyday since her death, 7 months ago, trying to find evidence that the love of his life was murdered, always coming up with nothing. However deep down in his gut he knew he was right and wouldn't stop until he could prove it.
Persephone "Percy," the world traveling ghost whisperer, is the last person John expects will help him prove his suspicions and the last person he ever expected to fall in love with. Percy has spent her life, since the age of seven, helping lost souls find their way to the other side. So consumed with the dead, Percy feels stuck and lost in the world she is living in. While visiting Lonesome Point to study the old ghost town's activities, she is drawn to the Lawson Ranch and widower John. Along with her desire to help John find out what happened to his wife, Percy also begins to feel alive and wanting a life with John. John also feels an instant connection with Percy, but his love for Lily prevents him from totally giving himself to her. The longer John and Percy spend time together, the more information they gather to finding who caused Lily's death, and the stronger their connection grows.
Can John love two woman at the same time? Will Percy finally get her happily ever after and find a place she can call home? Will Lily's murderers be brought to justice?
I LOVED John and Percy's story! This one was so different from the other Lonesome Point stories in a very good way. Lili Valente brought endless upon endless mystery, love, grief, and hope in Ropes and Revenge. In the end, we are left with this burning question, "What is in that box?"

Singing Secretary ,

Smokin’ Hot Cowboy Romance

Wow! Where do I begin? Lili Valente has totally outdone herself with each of these smokin’ hot cowboy stories. I fell in love with each couple throughout this series and with each story she pens, Ms. Valente takes us to an entirely new level of character complexity and romance, not to mention, at times, heart-wrenching emotion. Each of these couples will tug at your heart and their stories will leave you hanging onto the edge of your seat. The banter and dialog is so entertaining, I didn’t want to stop reading. And just be prepared, because once you have entered the world of Lonesome Point, Texas, you will feel a deep curiosity and be drawn to the rest of the stories in this series as these characters will feel more like friends than characters from a book. Although these stories fall under the category of contemporary romance, they are so much more than that, filled with heartache, compassion and friendship as well as nail-biting suspense. Every time I finish a book in this series, I’m left wondering how Ms. Valente will ever surpass the stories she has already given us, but she always soars beyond each and every time.

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