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INTRODUCING…The Dogmothers – a brand new spinoff series by Roxanne St. Claire

Daniel Kilcannon, a widower with six unmarried kids, has not only orchestrated wonderfully happy endings for all his offspring…he’s found one of his own. That leaves his grown nieces and nephews plus his adult stepkids all in need of their own magical romances. Is The Dogfather too preoccupied with his new lady love to pull the strings and make the matches? Maybe. But never fear, fans, there’s a new team in town and these two might be polar opposites in life but they are lined up in love.  One grandmother has the steel spine of a Greek warrior, the other has the heart of an Irish poet. Together,  along with two darling dachshunds, these Dogmothers won’t stop  until all nine of their grandchildren are hooked, hitched, and happy.


Firefighter Braden Mahoney is devastated when his beloved Weimaraner, Jelly Bean, fails the canine arson investigator test. Faced with the challenge of raising the money for advanced training, it’s Braden’s sweet grandmother and her best friend who suggest he use the services of the new event planner in town. Not that he needs a push in Cassie Santorini’s direction. Ever since she arrived, Braden has had his eye on the sassy Greek goddess…and can’t stop thinking about getting the rest of him on her, too.

Cassie has spent years putting family first, even moving to Bitter Bark when her mother falls  in love with the local veterinarian. Having a huge new extended “family” is fun, especially when one smokeshow of a firefighter attends the gatherings, but Cassie has no plans to remain in this small town. She’s ready to pursue her big city dreams. But when Braden asks for an assist for his precious pup, Cassie agrees to help him set up a town-wide scavenger hunt. It isn’t exactly a hardship to be around those blue eyes and brawny shoulders, especially since they both agree everything – even the undeniable sparks that crackle between them – is temporary.

But when temporary gets complicated by feelings that might lead to forever, Braden and Cassie start to question the direction they're headed. Should they follow their dreams…or their hearts? It’ll take a dog with a bad nose and a sweet soul, two particularly meddlesome grandmas, and some help from the clan that loves them to make sure Cassie and Braden follow the clues and find their way to each other’s arms.

May 31
South Street Publishing
Roxanne St. Claire

Customer Reviews

Mpomper514 ,

You Had Me With Dogmothers!

You had me with Dogmothers! I absolutely loved the Dogfather series, and was anxious to see how the first in the new series would compare - I was thrilled!! Roxanne St Claire never fails to deliver. I loved, loved, loved it!

What’s broken hearted Braden to do when his beloved Jelly Bean fails the arson canine test? Enter the Dogmothers who are only too willing to pick up where the Dogfather left off. They suggest he reach out to Cassie to help in his efforts to raise money for advanced training for Jelly Bean. Braden is only too happy to, since he has strong feelings for her. While the feelings are mutual, will they be strong enough to stop Cassie from pursuing her dreams of moving to the big city and away from Bitter Bark.

Loved catching up on all the old friends that we have come to love in the Dogfather series. Can’t wait to see what the Dogmothers have in store in the rest of the series. Every book gets better and better. Highly recommend!

Anonymity 33 ,

Dogmother series, Hot Under the Collar

Outstanding book, unfortunately, I want the next book in the series, now... Started out slower than the Dogfather books but once I became involved, it leaves one wanting the next book available immediately. Thanks for your hard work, and the selflessness to provide funds to the rescue of the fur kids so desperately in need.

BBQ griller ,

Love the Dogmothers!

I received an ARC of Hot Under the Collar by Roxanne St. Claire for an honest review. Rocki is such an amazing story teller once again. I loved the book, and could hardly put it down. Hot Under the Collar is the story of Braden Mahoney and Cassie Santorini, who were introduced at the end of Old Dog New Tricks, the final book in the Dogfather Series. Hot Under the Collar is the first book in the new Dogmother Series, Gramma Finnie and Yiaya (Agnes Santorini) take over for Daniel Kilcannon's the Dogfather as the Dogmothers along with Yiayia's dachshunds, Pygmalion and Galatea (Pygggie and Gala). As sweet and loving as Gramma Finnie is, Yiayia is not. Yiayia recently had a health scare and has to decided to move to Bitter Bark from Florida to be closer to her family, but to not tell her family about it. Gramma Finnie and Yiayia hit it off immediately, and decide to move in together. They decide to make Braden and Cassie their first matchmaking experiment. Cassie catches wind of this and decides to be Braden's pretend boyfriend to find out what is Yiayia's ulterior motive. Yiayia is being too nice, and Cassie wants to figure out what is going on with her.
She was always so set on Cassie only dating and marrying someone Greek, so Cassie does not understand why she is encouraging a relationship with Braden. Cassie and Braden agree on a "temporary" relationship, since Braden needs Cassie's expertise in event planning so that he can raise money for extra training for Jelly Bean, his Weimaraner, to pass the canine arson investigator test. Cassie has dreams of living and working in a big city, and Bitter Bark does not fulfill that dream. Braden has ghosts from his past that prevent him from committing to anyone long term. The more Cassie and Braden work together, the closer they get. A new dog, Jasmine (Jazzy), enters the story and Braden uses her for the canine arson investigator test. Cassie gets a job offer for her dream job in Chicago. There are so many surprises and plot twists in the story, that I wasn't sure if Cassie and Braden would get their happily ever after. This book is filled with bittersweet moments and poignant memories, and of course lots of dogs! I love the unlikely hero in the story, who saves the day and a couple of lives. It was an amazing story. So glad the Dogmothers first try at matchmaking was a success. I cannot wait to read the next book in the series, Alex's story and the matchmaking skills of Gramma Finnie and Yiayia.

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