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A Hugo Award–winning classic about a far-future Earth dominated by gargantuan plants and the few humans who remain

Millions of years beyond our time, our Earth has long since stopped spinning—and giant flora have taken over the sunlit half of the motionless world. Here humans are among the very few animal species that still exist, struggling to survive against enormous odds, but they have become small and weak, and their numbers have dwindled to almost nothing. When the aging leader of Gren’s tribe decrees it is time for the old ones to go “Up,” the younger are left to make their own way below. Although the journey will not be an easy one for young Gren, he sets off on an odyssey across a perilous world populated by carnivorous plants and other evolved vegetation. But any knowledge to be gained at the terminator—the forbidding boundary between the day world and the night—might well prove worthless for the boy and the companions he amasses along the way when the expanding sun goes nova and their Earth is no more.
A thrilling parable of courage, discovery, and survival, Hothouse is among Grand Master Brian W. Aldiss’s most beloved and enduring works. Ingeniously inventive, richly detailed, and breathtakingly lush and vibrant, the doomed world and people that Aldiss creates will live forever in the minds of all those who enter this remarkable realm.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
May 19
Open Road Media
OpenRoad Integrated Media, LLC

Customer Reviews

Hargnon ,

Excellent book, apparently too hard for adults

I first read this book In paperback form when I was in the first grade, believe it or not. I thoroughly enjoyed it back then and I have finally found it again this time and electronic form and I really enjoy it. This is the story of a Topsy-turvy world where are the humans are less than the plants and it all takes place at the end of all things for the earth. It is a fantastic book from the other reviews, apparently hard for adults.

Anjin_nav ,

Difficult to Like

I have read Aldiss and enjoyed his writing, so I looked forward to this book. There are very large ideas here; I wanted very much to like it.

Unfortunately, the story is dragged down by shallow writing and even shallower characters. Often, the book sometimes contradicts itself (at first we hear the only non-plant species are humans and wasps, but only a few chapters later we learn otherwise, for example). Worse, grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors abound. It gives the impression to the reader this was a draft set aside for years, then hastily made into an e-book without much editing.

I simply can’t bring myself to recommend it.

Raichl ,


What a piece of crap. Made no sense to me at all. And the silly verbiage from some of the characters. Unfathomable how this won an award.

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