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The lights fade, and a hooded figure appears and tells Jacky and Cass they're stuck in a twisted game of cat and mouse. He will show them their worst fears, and if the kids manage to face down those fears, they'll have a chance of getting out of the House of Horrors alive. If they don't, well…

"...reminds me of the books I grew up with by RL Stine and Christopher Pike. If you loved those, these will be perfect."BookLover

When her parents allow her to go to the fair, Jacky is over the moon. The fair is most famous for its haunted mansion, the House of Horrors, and her friend Ben can't wait to try it out. Her best friend, Cass, is a little more reluctant, but then again, Cass has always been a chicken when it comes to getting scared.

Jacky and Cass are determined to act tough, so when Ben suggests they try out the House of Horrors, the girls tag along, even though the place gives them the chills.

As soon as the three of them enter the spooky monstrosity, the ride comes to a screeching halt, and the horror begins. Thirty minutes to face their nightmares… and the clock is ticking.

"My daughters and I love the 'Weirdville' series! These books are great for kids who enjoy a little spooky reading but not something so scary they can't sleep." ~ A. LeBlanc

EVOLVED PUBLISHING PRESENTS the second book in the "Weirdville" series of spooky-fun adventures. These chapter books are perfect for young readers aged 7-11. [DRM-Free]

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March 6
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