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it offers a great deal of insight into women's roles and life in general. In fact, Caddy explains why women should not depend on servants. She essentially states that women with servants and lives of leisure have been reduced to the role of house pets and would be sorely challenged if they had to get a real life. She talks about raising children and why it is important to teach them how to survive, and provides a great deal of information (current to the time) on how to raise a healthy household in a thrifty manner.

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October 18
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HollieM510 ,

Insitefeful yet much outdated and not realistic for today’s ordinary lifestyle

The book was resourceful and basically mapped out each aspect of a “normal home” - but not in today’s world. However, I am a history buff and found it to be more than great reference but a reminder of how complicated today’s society has become and a realization that yes, our expectations of how our homes should be stems from old societal norms however it only really touched on a certain class of people. Whereas today most of us are part of a busy weekly schedule and are in a sense less mannered when it comes to say tending to guests/hosting, less strict with schedules and rules of the house , and our use of space is a bit different as well. The book also referred to housekeepers and maids which is a concept I don’t really believe in personally. As a young woman I like to tend to my own house and take responsibility for cleaning up the mess I have made and the overall decision to not pay people to do the things we are too lazy to do ourselves. Respectfully I understand that still today, there are people who rely on such jobs for their own income and if so I give them a lot of credit; I’m sure that those people too, have other strengths, ideas, and creativity as well as households of their own to tend to after a long day. Aside from that, this book was reminiscent of a time period when the household was held to a much different standard. I think today our households are more for functionality comfort and a place to call home; similar to references in the book but different in sense that it seemed like households then were also crafted for societal expectations and more of a false sense of home. This is just my opinion. However above all yes a reminder of where some of our standards stemmed from and also a nice guideline to how we can edit it to our own version of how each individual chooses to run their own household (male, female, middle class, working, young/old, etc.) after reading this book my beliefs remain the same a clean functional comfortable place to call home where one can let loose and be themselves and while enjoying the fact that they are living in a safe and organized atmosphere. It also helped me better understand and appreciate the need to implement systems and routines in order to maintain a household they are proud of and happy being in; I found this book to be really cool and interesting and a nice little guideline to sort of just refresh on. I even picked up on some little tie bits that had slipped my own mind. As a young first time apartment owner who is currently renovating, decorating , and forming my household atmosphere and routines, I have been doing much research and seeking advice and such to aide me as I set up my humble abode; especially having majored in History during college years back; it was even more interesting to me. Pretty awesome read. If again your interested in history and would like some information on how to run ur own household I though it was great! - personal advice is just to learn from our past and supplement our present as well as setting up a livable atmosphere that we can maintain order in the future. Recommended for sure, cannot hurt to grab a few tips and learn about why some people still thrive to have such a fancy a strict home setting opposed to a customizable way of life unique place to live life; to put on some house clothes comfy slippers a robe and hop on the couch to read this book for instance.

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