Hover: Hummingbirds in the United States Hover: Hummingbirds in the United States

Hover: Hummingbirds in the United States

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Publisher Description

"A tiny bird, flying in place—a flash of color. A hummingbird hovers among the flowers. Then, in an instant, it is gone."

See hummingbirds dive, fly, and chase each other in slow motion. Hear the sound of a hovering hummingbird’s wings. Watch a female hummingbird build her nest. Witness the hatching of a hummingbird chick. Hover: Hummingbirds in the United States is an interactive, visual exploration of the nearby, but mostly hidden, world of hummingbirds. Intended for all ages, Hover is a high-interest low-reading level (hi-lo) multi-touch book designed for the iPad and iPhone.

Naturalist Mahar and photographer Strich have spent years observing and recording the hummingbird's daily life. Their stunning photography and video footage, accompanied by clear and concise descriptive text, provide rich information about the hummingbird’s body, its habits, its life cycle, and the 13 species that regularly nest in the United States.

    Science & Nature
    January 10
    M.R. Mahar
    M Mahar

    Customer Reviews

    Bbraga2002 ,

    Wonderful hummingbird book for kids and adults

    This is a wonderful book to introduce kids (and adults) to the intriguing life of the hummingbird. Many photos and videos make the information easily accessible for kids but the text is also at the right level. The authors' love of nature shines through. Despite the fact that the target audience is children, I learned quite a bit myself since the book is full of details and facts. The bibliography at the end is rich and can lead the budding bird lover to a wealth of information.

    My son and daughter, 13 and 10, loved it.

    AZ Nelsons ,

    Beautifully brilliant pictures and videos

    Calling all birders...this iBook contains such gorgeous pictures and interesting information/ factoids about these precious little birds. Additionally, each chapter is embedded with short videos that allowed us to better appreciate the world of the Hummingbird up close.

    phoenix artist ,

    Hover: Hummingbirds in the United States

    This was a work of passion for the authors. It is thorough, beautiful, informative, and captivating. Highly recommend.

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