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“My retainers are my strength.”

With a massive number of monsters appearing in a “Demon Wave,” the group of small- to medium-sized countries known as the Union of Eastern Nations faces a crisis. During a conference with Empress Maria of the Gran Chaos Empire, Souma is asked to dispatch reinforcements to the union. The place Souma sends those troops to is the Kingdom of Lastania. Which is where a former foe, the crown prince Souma once drove from the Principality of Amidonia, Julius, is putting up a hard fight as a visiting general...?! And so, standing shoulder-to-shoulder with Julius, Souma uses his retainers’ strength in an operation to save Lastania!

The revolutionary administrative fantasy series, volume eight!

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
February 15
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Customer Reviews

Bible reader old guy ,


The language was substantially different in this book than all the others. The figurative speech, the lectures, the tone, the cadence. It feels like this book was written by a different author, or authors. It felt like there were about three of them. The relationship of the text to the larger plot across to several books was substantially diminished. It doesn’t fit with the step size that he takes in the other box. It feels so much smaller. It feels like someone else bought the rights to print the book in his name, and did it a terrible injustice.

With a wave of the hand he undoes the primary limitation of the dragon race, the most powerful nation of allied creatures on the planet.

The battles were tactical, not strategic. The engagements were more contrived, more narrow. The enemies were unsurprising.

There was no plumbing of depth of insight, of wisdom, of historic challenge. There was no standing on the shoulders of giants; This was emotionalistic tripe weakly mixed with repeated pretenses of mind reading and a tactical whitewash of a non-battle. The prelude in the end of the previous book exactly plotted out how this one went.

I wasted my money reading this book. The previous ones were worth reading, but this was not.

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