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Commitment is a dying concept. Today’s dating culture has been plagued by an epidemic of ambiguous "situationships" that have saddled many modern women with nagging insecurities and self doubt. We can’t wait on men to fix it because we women are the ones hurting! The mission of this mini ebook is to arm young women with the information they need to get the quality relationship you dearly desire. Learn what I call the “Men's Commitment Formula” and how to use it to your best advantage so you're more like likely to get what you want out of dating-a man who values and cherishes you, ready to take it to the next level, whether that's girlfriend, fiancée or wife.

Sometimes it's easier to apply dating advice when you understand why it matters. This book breaks down the rationale behind some classic dating strategies for women and explains why they work and why it's not playing games-it's simply understanding men! Get the edge you need to take your relationship to the next level.

In this book you'll learn:
*How to show up as a Woman of Substance
*Why being the nicest and "chillest" of them all may not get you the commitment you dearly want
*The 3 things that cause us to gloss over signs of emotional unavailability
*Why relationship titles matter, no matter what anyone says
*The difference between a physical and an emotional connection between a man and woman
*The 4 factors a man needs to take a relationship to the next level
*The Commitment Formula Ingredients you can provide-and the ones you can't
*The talk you need to have to avoid walking onto a relationship treadmill that goes nowhere
*Why FutureThinking though normal, must be contained.

Tia Truthteller:
I speak to the young woman who relishes her feminine strength and isn't opposed to learning about the way men think. The young woman who strives to live with a sense of dignity, class and grace. I want to embolden marriage-minded millennial women to stand in their truth and step into their power.
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February 26
Tia Truthteller
Smashwords, Inc.

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Great book absolutely loved it very true and relatable☺️

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