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Dyslexic Digital Career and Lifestyle Guide

As a professional with dyslexia - are you searching for digital career advice? Are you looking for ideas on how to use your unique strengths and talents at work?

HR professionals - are you searching for information to develop dyslexia workplace accommodation and inclusion checklists?

In this easy to read, concise, career and lifestyle guide for neurodiverse professionals, Tiffany Sunday offers future of work insights, HR recommendations, and realistic workplace strategies.

In How Dyslexics Will Rule the Future readers will find:

1. Future of work insights and observations about how advanced technologies can create unique career and job opportunities.

2. Gain insight on how to use your dyslexia strengths and talents at work.

3. A chapter for employee onboard dyslexia style for HR teams and mangers.

4. A chapter for HR teams with advice and dyslexia accommodation and workplace checklist.

5. A chapter with workplace strategies from fellow dyslexic professionals.

6. The book includes three chapters discussing the unspoken side of dyslexia, including strategies for managing everyday interactions and relationships.

7. International resource section with a listing of nonprofit organizations and neurodiverse employment support companies.

How Dyslexics Will Rule the Future equips dyslexic professionals, HR teams, nonprofit leaders, and government policy specialist with strategies on how to use the many strengths and talents of nenurodiverse professionals.

Tiffany Sunday is the author five books including two poetry collections: Proper Grey Areas and Insatiable Consumption of Being and three nonfiction books How Dyslexics Will Rule the Future, Dyslexia’s Competitive Edge and You Posted What!?

Sunday is internationally known for her 2015 TEDx Talk Dyslexia 2:0 The Gift of Innovation and Entrepreneurial Mind. She has been interviewed by BBC, CNN Radio, WFAA-ABC, and quoted in Forbes, USA Today, The Dallas Morning News, The Austin-American Statesman, Restaurant News, and more. 

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October 23
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