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“How Emotional Conflicts Trigger Disease – An Astrological View” is the first book of its kind to ally breakthrough medical discoveries on the relationship between emotional conflicts and disease with sophisticated astrology to help people better understand critical illnesses and promote successful healing processes.
This book focuses on how and why disease occurs based on empirical medical research by Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer whose findings over the past 20 years in over 40,000 cases of critical illness emphatically prove that an incidence of severe emotional trauma precedes the onset of disease, and that such an unforeseeable conflict occurs not only in our psyche but also simultaneously in the brain and on the corresponding bodily organ. By combining this knowledge with the science and art of astrology, we are able to hone-in on the timing of emotional factors that instigated disease, and assist clients along an emotional healing path.

Discover how and why our perception of emotional conflicts and traumatic events determines our body’s response. Learn how to track the development of disease back to the initial trauma. Study 32 cases from a simple sore throat to cancer, analysis of natal horoscopes and the timing of disease, plus first-hand corroboration from the client's perspective in his/her own words. This book will alter your perception of disease.

“Thank you so much, Lauren. The world needs a book like yours.” C.L., CT

"It's a fact --- this incredible eBook is my keystone when I need to evaluate health issues!" N.P., Portugal

“I'm so glad you put this book together. I've been studying Medical Astrology for many years and I am so glad to know someone who made the astrological connections you did between emotional conflict and disease. Good job on the work and research you put together so well.” R.C., CO

“Many thanks, dear Lauren! A big compliment on your excellent book! I am reading it now and cannot stop!” G.F., Austria

“Your wonderful book is amazing and original, and very fitting with my philosophy on health and illness.” J.L., Belgium

“I am reading your book now … fascinating stuff! I highly recommend your book.” A.O., CT

“Your book is wonderful and very easy to understand, even though I am not an astrologer.” S.D., MD

“THANK YOU so much for writing this book! I have been studying astrology for the last 30 years. Your book is brilliant and you are a fabulous writer! I am reading it slowly as I want to savor it. I am in awe of your gift to summarize and integrate this information so succinctly and lucidly. It's not only brilliant astrology but brilliant synthesizing of these groundbreaking medical findings!" S.B., Australia

"I am a psychotherapist with over 25 years experience in spiritual facilitation, energy work and astrology. I am very excited about what I've read for myself and my clients. Thanks for your contribution to universal wellness!" P.C., WI

"I am really enthusiastic about the amazingly well-structured information and learning process about critical illness in your book. I wanted to learn a lot more about critical illnesses and your book was just what I was looking for. Thank you for creating this for our Astrology and medical world!" H.V., Netherlands

"I am sincerely impressed with your work. Your writing is so clear, so well organized and extremely interesting. The amount of research you have done is formidable and the results totally fascinating. Thank you for writing such an exciting, informative and useful book." M.T., U.A.E.

"Your book is so clear and extremely well explained. All your presentations, going from a sore throat to more difficult and serious diseases, are easy to understand - EXTREMELY WELL DONE!! It really is a 'must have' book!" C.B., NJ

November 25
Lauren Delsack
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