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How Not To Die by Michael Greger, M.D. with Gene Stone | Key Takeaways, Analysis & Review



How Not to Die by Michael Greger is primarily focused on the use of diet and lifestyle to help prevent the most common causes of death. Greger’s grandmother had experienced multiple heart problems and had undergone many heart surgeries by the age of 65 before she went on a plant-based diet recommended by Nathan Pritikin, a lifestyle medicine pioneer. She lived to be 96, which Greger credits to her change in diet and lifestyle. Greger later attended medical school, where he lamented the lack of focus on nutrition in medicine. He decided to become a clinical nutritionist


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Whizzy538 ,

Do not die

How not to die is a tome of nutritional knowledge. Almost every bit of information is backed by research, with something like 3000 references, it's not something you will find in many other books.

12 times failed ,

read this whole book!

Dr. Greger does great work to bring forth the latest in nutritional science without recommending any 'specific' diet, as he says many times in the book.
THIS IS NOT a diet book, it will not tell you what to eat or give you daily plans. It won't tell you to specifically eat something or not eat something else - it will just lay out the best available science and will allow you to choose what to do with that information.
This book is very readable and solidly research-based without any veiled agenda. My husband (recovering from cancer at age 35) was immediately engrossed in the book and actually brought the book with us and read it out loud in the car during a 3 hour road trip we were making the day he received it. He's read over 200 pages in a week.

Rich Long47 ,

Rock star!

Dr. Greger is a Rock Star!!! I've been a Vegan for 10 years and I did not care about my health until I started watching his youtube videos. First of all, Veganism is not a religion for those who think it is. He does not identify himself as vegan and he said it in the book. He does not advocate for a Vegan or Vegetarian diet but for a Whole Food Plant Based diet and there's a HUGE difference. As a Vegan, I was eating all kinds of junk. Cookies, Ice Cream, Friend goodies (yup, Veganism doesn't deprive you). I was overweight and unhealthy. My doctor said that I was a dilema. Why was my Overall Cholesterol level normal but my triglycerides were to the roof? In this book, Dr. Greger explains how the American Diet is so unhealthy that shortens our life expectancy and how illnesses are caused by what we eat. Usually, doctors don't tell us to eat healthy, they want us to be on pills! Dr. Greger explains with FACTS quoting from published researches how foods affect our bodies. If you're determined to continue living your life the way you want, you're welcome to it. This is survival of the fittest and those who follow his advice will prevail :) I had gall bladder surgery last year (same problem with my diet). When the surgeon came to see me and I told him I was a Vegan, he told me, "You're gonna live a long life"

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