How Not To Tear Your Family Apart

3 Simple Steps to Start Critical Conversations and Help Your Family and Aging Parents Plan a Financially Stable Future

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<p>"Carroll truly hits the mark by first identifying an issue virtually all of us will have to deal with, and then using practical, sensible, and insightful ways to approach this delicate balancing act! Kudos to her and her willingness to provide a much needed reality check."&nbsp;—Peter Gelbwaks CLTC Chairman Emeritus - The National LTC Network, Past Chairman - The National Alliance of Insurance Agencies</p><p>Experience is an excellent teacher—but it can be a harsh master. We are living longer, and aging takes its toll on our ability to remain totally independent. No matter how you define "family," you will find yourself in the role of caregiver, caring for a caregiver, or being cared for by a caregiver. Life doesn't stop while you're caught up in caring and juggling your own life. With no real training for this multi-faceted, multi-generational role, you must find a path that doesn't destroy relationships or create financial havoc.&nbsp;</p><p>Carroll S. Golden's three simple steps kickstart critical conversations. They offer a path of discovery. Each step provides an easy-to-use format to speed your progress. Lists, links, references, and an abundance of information guide you along. The result is an actionable, realistic plan so you don't tear your family and relationships apart. Uncover a financially stable plan for you, your family, and the people you love. Moving through the steps is inclusive, not exclusive, minimizing family discord and confusion. In the end, you have a plan for someone you love, a support system in place, a practical financial approach and something to hope for... harmony.</p>

November 2
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