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When a master of disguise marries a woman who sees right through him…
Lady Daphne, daughter of the Duke of Warcliffe, is one of the Three Suns. Society revolves around her. But there's one person who doesn't seem to know she's alive—her own husband. Lady Daphne was thrilled to marry Colin FitzRoy, the son of her mother's dear friend, seven years before. But then he left for the army and their marriage never really had a chance. Now she's in trouble, and Colin has reentered her life. She's determined to refuse his help, especially after the way he's treated her, but Colin can be persuasive…especially when he has her alone.

Baring it all is part of the seduction.
Colin FitzRoy was known as The Pretender during the war. He's an expert in the art of disguise, but even when he takes off the mask, he hides who he really is. Colin pretends he doesn't have feelings, but when he's thrust together with his estranged wife, his buried emotions resurface. Before long Colin is juggling an elderly pug, a wife-hunting Scotsman, and a duplicitous street
urchin in an effort to keep Daphne safe. But his greatest challenge is not only to seduce her but to win her heart.

February 11
Shana Galen
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Carey1586 ,

4.5 Stars!!!

4.5 Stars! This was a really good read! It’s book 7 in the Survivor series but can be read as a standalone. Colin, known as The Pretender, married and left his wife for 7 years thinking he would die in the war. Now he’s back to help his wife, Daphne, with a mysterious problem she finds herself in. There is some mystery, humor, sexy scenes, and some parts where I wanted to slap Colin, who seems to be a bit emotionally stunted. Great book with a HEA ending and I recommend it- especially if you’re a fan of the series!
*I received this book at no charge from the publisher and I voluntarily left a review.*

sed1128 ,

Loved the hero

Colin FitzRoy married Lady Daphne at his mothers request. After a not so great wedding night he leaves for war and stays away for 7 years. Lady Daphne is a little in love with Colin when they marry and has very high hopes for their marriage but is heartbroken when Colin leaves. Seven years later Colin is back and has been asked by his mother in law to help Daphne with whatever trouble she is in. Although Daphne does not want Colins help she definitely needs it. As Colin and Daphne work together they finally get to really know one another and fall in love.
I usually avoid second chance romances because the hero usually sleeps around while the heroine is celibate which is not romantic to me. But in Colin we have a true Hero, one who is celibate and committed to his vows! Yay! There are not enough of them in romance novels.

LisanneH ,

Seven years

Seven years.

Lady Daphne, a dukes daughter, married Colon FitzRoy seven years ago. They were both inexperienced and it didn’t go well the first time. Colin then promptly left her for seven years with no contact.

Can The Pretender woo and win back his wife that he has been married to for seven years? She’s in a spot of trouble and he insists on aiding her.

What I liked? Colin was inexperienced and wasn’t a rake or a rogue. I loved that!
That they only got to truly know each other after years of marriage (it helps if they are actually on the same continent).
That Daphne is all emotions and Colin is the opposite.
Highly recommend.


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