How To Be A Raw Foodie How To Be A Raw Foodie

How To Be A Raw Foodie

A Social, Practical and Intuitive Guide To A Healthier Lifestyle And A Plant-Based Recipe Book

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Publisher Description

I hope you are interested in making some positive changes in your life, as this is much more than just a simple recipe book. 

For me, it's not just about the food, but about the lifestyle too, so I have compiled a list of various challenges that people may encounter when starting their raw food journey, or any similar healthy lifestyle for that matter, and I have written advice and tips on how to handle the different scenarios. I have been writing this book for almost 4 years, living through each challenge personally and perfecting the 121 recipes here for you all to enjoy to the fullest.

This book is not meant to convince you to eat 100% raw, I would simply like to make you aware of the benefits of introducing more fresh fruits and vegetables into your meals. 

It is my main goal to get you to connect to your body and awaken your intuition, which I will discuss in detail on the following pages. Not only will it help you determine what foods are best for you to eat, but it may also greatly benefit your day to day lives too. 

With this book I hope to help you understand this path better and guide your transition to a vibrant New You in the easiest way possible. 

In this book you will find:

• Useful information on how to transition into a healthier lifestyle

• The perks and challenges of eating raw

How your emotional and physical bodies change after going raw
How to deal with hunger and cook for yourself at home

• How to handle ignorance from friends and family

How to eat healthy and still manage to travel 
How to pack your lunch well for work or school
How to go out on dates, host parties and have a social life
How to deal with cravings and slip-ups back to less healthy food
How to use your intuition to find out what’s good or bad for you
Common raw food myths debunked

• Is mono-raw, fruitarianism and liquidarianism too extreme?

• And of course...lots of delicious raw vegan recipes!

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    August 15
    Anya Andreeva
    Anya Andreeva

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