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The Islamic concept of salvation differs from that of other religions, and from Christianity in particular, because Islam rejects the concept of Original Sin and declares man to be responsible only for his own sins. He, therefore, needs to free himself from his own sins in order to attain salvation. In this article, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, the Promised Messiah(as) answers the all-important question, why does man commits sin, and how can he free himself from it.

The Promised Messiah(as) also argues that a true religion must be judged by its ability to lead its followers to certainty about the existence of God. The holy author makes a detailed comparison between Islam and other major religions, and concludes that Islam alone can lead man to perfect awareness and, consequently, to freedom from sin.

The first English translation of this article was published under the title How to get rid of the Bondage of Sin, in the English edition of The Review of Religions, January 1902. The current translation has been prepared by Wakalat Tasnif, Rabwah.

Religion & Spirituality
November 15
Islam International Publications Ltd
Ahmadiyya Muslim Community

Customer Reviews

Son on fire ,

How to be Free from Sin

This was a very simple and great read that one can finish in an hour, 39 pages. The argument is sound and cogent for all faiths.

Rahulr0y ,


This book is very enlightening and everyone should take the time to read and understand its contents.

Popawdo ,

Fiction at its worst.

as presented by this “book,” islam is both insipid and uninspiring. The prophet, PBUH, showed how moslems are to live. He married a child, stole from non-believers, lied frequently, wrote a false book to make others think his god wanted them to do what he said, raped any woman he wanted, and even made other moslems give him 5% of everything they stole. This book takes all the spice out of being a moslem.

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