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“What is an A-List personal trainer? Regardless of your experience and physical appearance (you do not have to look like a fitness model), an A-List trainer consistently exemplifies specific skills and attributes of past or current successful personal trainers, business leaders, and legendary coaches.” Julio Salado, NSCA-RCPT*D

My book will help anyone considering a career in fitness to understand the principles of becoming an A-List full time personal trainer. I will provide insights on what I call “The Dark Side of Personal Training.” This information is not included in any certification program nor is it covered in the mainstream media. 

You will learn practical, real world methods and tips that you can apply today. Club owners and fitness managers can also use this book as a checklist for their staff to bring their team to A-List status!

“Coming out of school, I felt as if I had all the tools to be a successful personal trainer. Soon, I realized that there was much more to personal training than exercise prescription and keeping up with the science of fitness. Julio mentored me with sales techniques and the importance of building a strong network through client relationships and trust.  He taught me how to treat personal training as a business.”- Kyle McGlone, B.S., ACSM C.P.T.

“A huge thank you for everything you have done to help me. You were a great mentor and I really learned a lot especially not having any sales experience. You helped me as a coach, grow my business, and I really do have the utmost respect for you because of one main reason. You walk the walk and grind every day. That’s how I realized you are the real deal.”   —Coach Jack Baldwin, B.S., CSCS  

Julio Salado, a native of Boston, MA. is the founder of Fitnessfoundry.net, a leading online resource for health and wellness. He is also the author of "BREAK OUT of Breaking Even!" 3-Step Method for Long-Term Weight Loss. For over a decade, Mr. Salado has guided countless individuals from all levels of fitness to achieve their body sculpting and personal training goals. His unique blend of western exercise science and holistic arts has been featured in numerous TV shows, in print, and online. He was recently, voted #2 Boston's BEST Personal Trainer by Boston A-List.  Mr. Salado is also an educator and continuing education provider.

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October 18
Fitness Foundry
Julio Salado

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