How to Break (or renegotiate) ANY Contract

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Half of author royalties for ‘How to Break (or renegotiate) ANY Contract’ are donated to ShelterBOX; an international provider of emergency shelter and life-saving supplies for families around the world - who through no fault of their own have lost everything in natural disasters, including their homes.


Nearly all disputes are settled through negotiation, including over 90% of those in which legal action is initiated - that do not ultimately progress through a full hearing to end in a judgement.

Contrary to what most people think, it isn't necessary to hire an attorney or resort to legal action to break or renegotiate a contract.

This book reveals what professional consultant negotiators successfully do for their clients, and how you can apply the same principles and processes to your own agreements and dealings, alleviating your 'contractual angst'.


"I really enjoyed it, it is well written, easily digested and very engaging; a great read on the plane to negotiate a contract!"

Igal Aciman, Pharmaceutical Executive (Ivy League MBA/German Baccalaureate/& former 'Big Three' management consultant) US, Europe & Asia

“I’ve seen him in action and a judge actually complimented him on his case presentation - one in which I and a few other people thought he’d lose.. but he won”

Sandy Walts, Aviation Entrepreneur

“I have enjoyed thirty years of offshore racing and captured many victories and managed a Green Jacket, a great honour reserved for the elite teams.. a great team of experts is the only way to get there and stay there; get Simon’s expertise on your team and keep WINNING”

Stefan Ackerie, six times Australian national powerboat racing champion

“Life often deals situations leading to 'too little too late' but I can honestly say if I’d only read this book leaving school in 1979 it would’ve been a case of ‘too much too soon’ as I filled my boots using the negotiation solutions it delivers. God-damn-it! Where were you when I needed you?”

Peter Rosenfeld, Multi-Million Pound Serial Entrepreneur – UK

“You won’t find this kind of advice in law school, and not taking advantage of what’s in here would be criminal”

J. Simon, Licensed Attorney

“When I first started reading I thought that it was going to be something very anti-lawyer and was a bit skeptical. However, as I continued I realized that this is a book that lawyers also need to read. It's so true... everyone negotiates, and being better at it is beneficial no matter your profession. I found the pages regarding breach of trust to be especially interesting. My mind was going to a few situations of my own that this principle may apply and I am eager to take a closer look at those”

Elaine Young, LPC; Forensic Interviewer and Counselor

"Souvent mon travail m'a conduit a suivre les conseils de Simon et je n'ai jamais eut a le regretter. Simon est le positivisme meme"

“In my dealings I listen carefully to his suggestions and recommendations”

Marie Cohen, French Translator

“I had a legal problem a few months ago and I contacted Simon for advice; with his help we got it taken care of”

Angel the Bounty Hunter, Licensed Private Detective in WI, IL, IN, MI, KY, and OH

“We meet each other in business and come out as friends. It’s not easy to have a friend who you can call a friend, but there’s nothing better than that and very necessary in life. We get the best experience from one and other and I’m pretty sure I learn things that make me walk easier in this world, and I appreciate that. Simon’s a guy who looks like he has the key of every city in his pocket, because of the way he walks into cities like it’s his house, with his friends and his influence in the places, it tells a lot. His simplicity and his honesty impresses quickly”

Carlos Mundin, Business Owner; North & South America

“A milestone of hope for many people. Good for better negotiations”

Raviv Shevach, former FIFA Player’s Agent, Business Broker; USA, Europe & the Middle East

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