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This ebook course has been created for people who want to unlock the power to a greater memory.

It doesn’t matter if you are a student, professional, retiree or stay at home parent, you will benefit from this memory course.

This course will give you the basic building blocks to developing a powerful memory.

The methods I teach in this course helped me to memorise an impossibly long number. I managed to perfectly store and recall Pi to 500 decimal places. This was something I would have deemed impossible for me to do in the past - before I learnt the strategies I teach here.

By getting a copy of this course you also have access to my video where I recall Pi to 500 decimal places on a whiteboard. No games, jokes or gimmicks. Just pure memory!

I achieved this not by memorising the number, but by creating a visual image of the number.

This is the secret to building a powerful memory – creating photographic images.

I will show you the entire process step by step. You can apply this method to any type of information you want to learn.

If you can already do this, then you are a memory master already, and you may not gain much from this course.

But for the majority of us mortals, developing a powerful memory is extremely hard to do using conventional memory strategies.

However, when you learn the secrets to developing a powerful memory taught in this course, you will be able to remember anything you want.

I will show you how to learn all kinds of information: numerical and facts.

Like me, you might be blown away when you discover what you are really capable of memorising.

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March 14
David Barton
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