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The purpose of this book is to show Lottery Players how to "Play to Win!" The quote, "You've got to be in it to win it," is true. But, just being in it is not good enough. Wisely chosen numbers from reviewing Lotto Trends and Strategies will always tilt your odds favorably. Do not simply depend on pure luck by buying Quick Picks or Easy Picks that always give you the longest possible odds.

Discover this potentially rewarding armchair sport by observing the Lotto Trends before you choose your numbers and enjoy the timely updated scoreboard (PDF's) at zRooster’s website after each Lottery Drawing. The goal in playing any Lottery should be to win the Jackpot without investing an extraordinary amount of money. Try to win by tilting the odds in your favor as you become better informed so that you will play smarter, not harder.

zRooster demonstrates two Pick 6 Lotteries as "Free Samples" so that you test drive the Trends and Strategies in the Pick 6 FL and the Pick 6 TX. You may then decide to invest in expanded Trends for Powerball and Mega Millions. When Lotteries were legalized in the USA, Pick 6 was the most popular Lottery in most places. Although a variety of games have followed, Pick 6's still are actively offered by more than twenty states while their names have often changed as well as the number of Lottery Balls in their drums.

The Pick 6’s were selected as demonstrations because their drums contain the largest quantity of Lotto Numbers, thus portraying the longest odds. While all pick 6 Trends are similar, the odds will be further be improved in other states where the drums contain a smaller number of balls. Therefore the “Strategy” for the Pick 6's among most states is pertinent while the “Number Trends” will be subject to interpolating the quantity of Lottery Balls in the other drums depending on the state where you reside and/or visit.

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