How To Control An Electric Bike: Making Sure You Understand How To Use Electric Bike

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Generally speaking, e-bikes are bicycles with a battery-powered “assist” that comes via pedaling and, in some cases, a throttle. When you push the pedals on a pedal-assist e-bike, a small motor engages and gives you a boost, so you can zip up hills and cruise over tough terrain without gassing yourself. Called “pedelecs,” they feel just like conventional bikes—but better, says Ed Benjamin, senior managing director at the consulting firm eCycleElectric. “You control your speed with your feet, like with a regular bike,” he says. “You just feel really powerful and accelerate easily.”

This an excellent guide for someone who is interested in learning about this relatively new type of vehicle. The author describes the different kinds of motors, motor placement, frame types, wheel sizes and battery configurations. He tells us who benefits from riding an electric bike, how to select the right bike among the hundreds of models on the market, why buy from a dealer rather than online, what are the legal restrictions and what are the advantages of e-bikes.

Included in this guide are:

- Original photographs and videos to clarify complex subject matter.

- Bike recommendations based on rider body type and expected use.

- Tips on protecting your electric bike and extending its life.

- Advice on ways to save money when purchasing an ebike.

- References to award-winning products and independent resources.

Upon reading this guide you'll know the pros and cons of buying local versus online. You will be able to zero in on a specific style of electric bike that best suits your needs. Terminology like volts, amp hours and watt-hours will make sense and actually become useful when choosing a bike. You'll know how to properly care for the bike you do choose and deter theft. You'll find out where to get further support and how to recycle your battery when it ultimately starts to degrade. You'll also learn about safety and feel better equipped to address questions and concerns from family, friends and coworkers.

March 10
Marcie Grabill
Gabe Clark