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Do you have a great story to tell, but don’t know how to tell it? Are you struggling with making a transition from old-school media to the new age of digital marketing? Does your marketing message stand out in a crowd, or is it drowning in a sea of competitors? Is your technical or engineered product innovative and exciting, but you can’t seem to reach your target audience? How can you make your technical product seem sexy? 

When you think of marketing a technical product, data sheets and operation manuals are no longer enough to get the job done. Trade shows are expensive and time consuming, and there is no way to accurately track the success of traditional print ads. Direct mail marketing, due to stricter personal data laws and regulations, is obsolete. In today’s ever-evolving digital age, old-school marketing is not enough to get your technical product noticed in an extremely saturated, competitive landscape. 

We acknowledge that the fundamentals of product marketing include the ability to frame a strong and unique value proposition with proof points, to understand the personas (target groups) for whom to develop messages/channels/deliverables, and to have a content marketing strategy which is underpinned by key narratives. 

This book partly covers these concepts but is more tactical, drawing on some relevant industry case studies and examples. This book provides the basic insights you need to develop a creative approach to technical product marketing. We demonstrate how to embrace new media, how to find the right balance with an omnichannel approach, and how to benefit from the power of content marketing. We provide a road map to help you build an effective content strategy and teach you the simple yet powerful benefits of repurposing content. 

Most important, you will learn how to combine various forms of creative media to strike just the right balance to bring a message to your audience that will generate leads and build profits. 

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May 9
Navigate Content, Inc.
Navigate Content, Inc.