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Remember when you used to go to restaurants, clubs or socials, where someone in the crowd seems to "stand out" more than anyone else there? You know the one. "Dave," that guy whose looks are far from stunning, whose smarts are less than desirable, and whose lack of poise makes you feel he's perfect rank-and-file material... but no...

He's surrounded by people. They clamor to meet him and talk to him. In spite of his many deficiencies, he shines through the crowd like a warm beacon who seems to attract all the prettiest women and all the friendliest guys.

You know, "Dave" is nothing to sneeze at. He looks just like everyone else.

An Average Joe.

But what makes him so darn popular? What makes him tick? What makes him so magnetic that people even fight for his attention? What's the "secret ingredient" that makes him stand out, leapfrog over his competitors, whether it's in relationships, in careers, or in business?

Is it the magnetic confidence he exudes? Is it the money he owns or some expensive sports car he drives? Or maybe is it the people HE knows? Someone... you know... someone more "important" than him?

Nope. Not at all.

We all have "Daves" in our lives. We've all come across one or more "Daves" at some point. And really, all the things above have absolutely nothing to do with his "popularity."

The fact is, there is one single ingredient that makes "Dave" such a life of the party. It's the one ingredient most lonely people lack.

You can't buy it at a store.

You can't earn it in a job or in business.

You are not born with it because it comes through practice.

Want to know what it is?


Charisma is not an unidentifiable quality that only a few in the world are capable of possessing.

Charisma is easy to spot. You could probably name a dozen "charismatic" people that you know personally, in politics, or in the entertainment industry.

But, even though it is easy to spot, charisma is not an easy trait to break down and share with others.

This book will take you step-by-step through the process of developing and utilizing improved charisma. It is packed with powerful tips and techniques that you can put into action today to make you more likable, more believable, and more charismatic!

If you are like the majority of the world's population, you do not have the ability to step into the mind of others and captivate their attention. And people are probably not drawn to you as soon as you walk into a room.

You are an average person, with average abilities, and due to your lack of charisma you achieve average results with most events that take place in your life.

Are you ready to learn how to command the attention of any audience? Are you ready for people to be drawn to you as soon as you walk into a room? Are you ready to improve the quality of your personal relationships? Are you ready to get what you want without even asking for it? Are you ready to put yourself on the fast track for advancement and pay raises at work? …If so, this book is for you today!

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August 20
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