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Drawing caricatures is a challenging but creative and rewarding skill. This book shows budding artists how to exaggerate people's facial quirks and create larger-than-life caricatures that are humorous and memorable, covering all aspects of the creative process including essential concepts such as light, tone and composition.

The How To Draw series takes a highly visual and practical approach to drawing, featuring step-by-step instructions for each art project. 

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November 9
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JoeFerr ,

How to Draw Caricatures

This book was fun and enjoyable to read. It has several examples and those examples are spectacular but it took all of 20 minutes to read through the book. The reason for the 3 star review instead of 5 is simply that the book did not live up to the title. "How to Draw…” anything should come with instruction on “How to Draw…”. The instruction part of this book was lacking, in fact if i were to rate it based on the instruction I would have given it one star because there was little to no instruction. For instance, I am an artist already, branching out to different styles so I am able to take from my previous knowledge and fill the gaps but lets take the head shape as one example. The instruction could fit on an index card. There were 5 or 6 shapes drawn showing “different” head shapes (by the way, they were all very similar) but there was no explaination as to why you would draw a circle for the top of the head and in one spot the book didnt even tell you how to draw the bottom (chin, jaw) area of the face, it simply said “….add a jawline and mouth”. But to someone who does not know what shapes make up that portion of the face, or for a child who is trying to learn this technique, the instructive part of this book has no substance.

The artwork in the book is really good. I enjoyed very much looking at the various drawings and seeing how this artist drew the various elements of the face.

Again, I do not want to knock this book because it is a cute, very nicely illustrated book and it only cost a few dollars, but if the title says “HOW TO DRAW….” the book should at least teach How to Draw.

This probably seems like a really negative review, and in some ways it may be but, I did enjoy parts of it and do not want to give the author a negative review….BUT this book will not teach anyone HOW to Draw Caricatures. It will most definitly show you some examples of facial elements and what you can do with the different elements of the face with animals, furniture and automobiles but it will not teach you How to Draw unless you already know how to draw.

Hope this is helpful to someone.

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