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Manga, the famous Japanese art form, has advanced into a cutting-edge drawing style that takes advantage of the latest digital technologies and innovations. Computer programs such as Adobe Photoshop and Corel Painter now allow manga artists to create digital artworks, as well as live-action animation in the style known as anime. With more than 400 images, including step-by-step sequences and screen grabs, this book provides all the information you need to create digital manga or anime, including the hardware you will need; using Adobe Photoshop; creating lettering, motion, reflections and lighting; converting a photo; and combining software. It also covers the translation of manga characters to the screen in the creation of anime, discussing the software you will need, pre-production and animation. There are fascinating historical overviews of digital manga and anime as well as hands-on projects, such as Digital Shonen Project, Digital Komodo Project, Digital Seinen Project and Walk-Cycle Project that enable you to perfect your skills. This is a comprehensive practical guide to digital manga and anime, suitable for both complete beginners and experienced digital artists.

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July 9
Anness Publishing Limited
Anness Publishing Ltd

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Watcher Unity ,

It’s Still Useful in 2018 an so on?

Even though there are new an more reliable sources that can explain the concept of Animation in a better explanation by giving more information into the world of becoming a Animator. But even still there are still some helpful information here to help you if you want to really be determined to find a source that will teach you what there is to know about Anime then you should buy this to known about Animation a bit more then this Book still still useful even today if you want to know the half of what it takes to Animate. It has helped me and I still continue to try to become a great Animator of Anime it teaches you the steps to how to become and work on Animation that has inspired many of today and past Anime creators but know that it takes determination to become the greatest so keep on striving to reach your goal if you want to become animator for Anime or Cartoonist. As I tried to become an Animator for making Anime I find this still quite useful and helpful it does explain a great deal of information to help you in progress but the down side is that even though the information here in the book might be old there are new software and programs to teach you Animations and newer sources to help you understand and teach you better now. But don’t put this aside if your still interested I know it might seem not like much but it’s a quite reliable book in way sure it doesn’t have a lot to work with but it still manages with step by step rules to how Animation works, so I really recommend this for anyone who is interested or who wants to learn.

sorry4ever ,

Packed with Info, love it !!

3/22/18 Just like their other book, this one is equally great. So here's what I wrote about the other book titled: How to Draw Manga:
Wonderful book with a lot of information. I have several books of this type and they are all very helpful. Just make sure you wear your eyeglasses or contact lenses because the print is small. However, you can double-tap on the page to zoom in, or pan anywhere on the page. Very nice and not overpriced. Love, love, love. Thanks.

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