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From the art studios of Manga University, Japan's leading publisher of English-language educational manga, comes an all-new series of 99-cent mini How to Draw Manga guides. 

Each guide consists of about two dozen pages of easy-to-follow tips and basic manga-drawing techniques, all fully illustrated in the award-winning Manga University style!

Designed with the beginning artist in mind, this entry-level guide explains the basics of drawing manga ears, and challenges the student to think about how even the simplest of ears are essential for characters of all kinds.

"How to Draw Manga Hands" features the art of Manga University instructor Koda Tadashi.

Arts & Entertainment
June 16
Japanime Co. Ltd.
Gregory Glenn Kardy

Customer Reviews

AyaliMar ,

Love it

Best book good steps I can now draw ears better

Soul_Eater94 ,

Great help

They should consider making books about drawing heads; mouths, nose, teeth, eyelashes/eyebrows (more in depth from the drawing about eyes), and hair. Also a little help about drawing male and female bodies like the chest and lower torso down to the legs and feet and up to the arms.

They should also make a book about drawing clothing on characters and drawing weapons for characters; how to draw a gun, a sword, futuristic weapons, how to draw weapons from different angles and how to make a weapon that is almost hidden in a pocket or in a stash in a person's jacket.

Also how to draw accessories like gloves, scarfs, hats, light and heavy jackets, short and long pants, socks and shoes or just barefoot in sandles.

Also show people in action or interacting with things or other people, like someone holding another person, or carrying then on their shoulder, or wrapping their arms around them, some detail about interaction with things or people.

These books are great, they are indeed a great help. I hope they make more books like these cause I can use as much help from them at a cheap price.

Keyslinger ,


This is the first thing that ever actually taught me to draw ears... I you don't have any money to spend then get the sample, completely worth it.

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