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From the art studios of Manga University, Japan's leading publisher of English-language educational manga, comes an all-new series of mini How to Draw Manga guides. 

Each guide consists of about two dozen pages of easy-to-follow tips and basic manga-drawing techniques, all fully illustrated in the award-winning Manga University style!

Designed with the beginning artist in mind, this entry-level guide explains the basics of drawing manga hands, and challenges the student to think about how the various parts of the hand come together to form an organic and expressive tool.

"How to Draw Manga Hands" features the art of Manga University instructor Koda Tadashi. 

Arts & Entertainment
May 1
Japanime Co. Ltd.
Gregory Glenn Kardy

Customer Reviews

Triad101 ,

Great how to draw book!

I've bought a LOT of drawing books, and a lot of books out there seem to be created by Americans who want to draw manga. All the characters they draw just don't seem authentic. This book is different, the characters are real manga/anime characters. And at .99 cents it won't break the bank to download it.

sorry4ever ,

Very Good

I like the book because I’m able to double-tap in order to zoom to a comfortable level, which allows me to get a very good and clear view of the text and illustrations on my iPhone X. I’m very happy about that because it’s rare in many different types of ebooks.

The instructions are good; I think they are adequate, easy to understand and follow. And, they make sense!

On a side note, if you’re a true beginner, you may need to practice more or break it down into smaller steps.

I like the author’s style. However, I would not expect to draw exactly like the author because everyone has their own individual style.

I think it’s a very good start. The author should write more of these for other parts of the anatomy. I would be interested in checking them out!

I would recommend this book as a good reference and a good source to learn how to draw hands.

At the time of my purchase, the book was reasonably priced as well.

Thanks for reading my review.

Montgomery101 ,

Save thine money

All this info and more can be garnered from Google. This "book" (aka pamphlet) has tips for drawing hands but not anything substantial.

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