How to Eat More Vegetables: A Concise Guide to Help You Eat and Enjoy the Most Important Food for a Fulfilling Life

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Don't Just Eat Your Veggies. Love to Eat Them— Every Day!

You know that vegetables are good for you, but you're still struggling to eat them regularly. You would like to take better care of your health, but there's always something standing in the way: little time for shopping and cooking, a lack of knowledge what to eat, or your taste buds protesting the change.

Eating veggies doesn't have to be hard, and you too can learn to love eating them every day. It all comes down to some simple, but powerful actions you can take today to transform your health.

Optimizing your diet can have an immense impact on your life, and vegetables are the closest thing to a magic pill. Written by bestselling personal development author, salad-addicted Martin Meadows, How to Eat More Vegetables is a concise guide to help you eat and enjoy this most important food for a fulfilling life. Advice described in the book includes, among others:

- 5 techniques to get motivated to eat more vegetables (that have nothing to do with the "vegetables are good for you" argument).

- What vegetables you should eat, divided into a low-return group of 13 vegetables and a top 20 high-return group (learn which veggies give you the best bang for your buck).

- 11 highly effective methods to eat vegetables every day (including 58 vegetable-rich alternatives to popular, less healthy foods).

- How to enjoy the taste of vegetables (including 3 specific strategies to use every day).

- 6 strategies to enjoy vegetables without adding too much fat to them (you don't have to coat your veggies with butter, cheese or dressing to enjoy the flavor).

- 13 ways to prepare vegetables to grab and go (no more excuses that you can't eat veggies because you're rarely home).

- 7 methods to avoid boredom when eating veggies (use them every day and you'll keep things interesting forever).

- How to deal with fresh vegetables spoiling so quickly (find out which vegetables last for at least two weeks).

- 6 ideas if you can't afford to buy more vegetables (including a common excuse that shouldn't hold you back).

- 10 ways to work vegetables into breakfast (yes, you can eat veggies with every meal).

- 7 tips to deal with vegetables giving you digestive problems (because eating veggies shouldn't be uncomfortable).

There's no denying the fact that your health is paramount to your enjoyment of life.

While you can't control everything that happens to your body, you're in control over your diet. Proper nutrition will lead to more energy, better appearance, and mental performance.

Manifest your devotion to your loved ones and to yourself by eating vegetables every day. You only stand to gain.

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September 5
Meadows Publishing
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How to Eat More Vegetables

This is a great reference book for anyone who wants more veggies in their diet! Everything was explained, with examples & humor. The breakdown of veggies & how to use them, was easy to understand. Fantastic examples of variety of cooking them & suggestions to consider. For someone who has great difficulty in comprehension/retention of reading material, this was a joy to read & reread. I am looking forward to starting my veggie adventure as soon as I get back from my local health food market!

ted pesyna ,

Loved it

Very insightful and informative. Will be implementing many of the suggestions ASAP.

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