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If you want to "arrange" it so you never worry about getting clients for your business... (even when the economy is tanking)... then this book by one of America's top marketing leaders shows you exactly how.

Here's why: How to Get Clients in a Bad Economy contains dozens of simple and easy ways to install a river of new clients and customers almost at will – whether the economy is good, bad, or ugly!

There is nothing complicated about these secrets. In fact, you will be surprised by how easy they are to implement.

And if you follow the advice within the pages of this book, you'll have no problem getting all the new business you want – even while your competitors wander around with no clue what to do next.

Some of the secrets inside include:
• How to create inexpensive advertising that's simple, fast and will keep making you money... even after you STOP using it.
• Why you should avoid most advertising agencies like the bubonic plague!
• Why you should never (ever!) advertise your business (and what you should advertise instead.)
• What to say in your marketing that practically forces your best prospects to call you as fast as possible. (This technique was invented back in the 1960's, yet almost nobody uses it anymore today.)
• The advertising secret of a stinky old door-to-door salesman that explodes your sales fast.
• Why your slogan is mostly likely killing your sales. (And how to "tweak" it so it makes it almost impossible for the right prospects to ignore you.)
• How to sell high-priced professional services to complete strangers.
• The secret "business attraction" secret used by Oprah, Limbaugh and Fidel Castro.
• A 1,000-year–old business secret that lets you make money fast – no matter what your business, product or service.
• How to cut your ad budget in half and make more sales at the same time.
• 10 ways to pull more sales from every advertisement you ever run.
• Why you should not try to "get your name out there" (and why that is probably the single WORST way to get clients).

There are dozens more tips just like these inside.

They're quick, easy to implement and can get new business in your door extremely fast!

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March 9
MakeRight Publishing
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