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You aren’t unseen. Undesired. Insatiable. Powerless. Or even limited. You’re just broken-hearted with a broken heart to mend.

Whether you wish to remember what it feels like to get intoxicated off the glance of a ridiculously good looking stranger, live la dolce vita around the globe, or just be able to shut off your phone, ignore your ex, and enjoy a nice bowl of spaghetti in your own backyard, one thing is for sure:

Life is much sexier when your heart is healed.

Sure you may have managed to toss your ex’s photos in the trash with care—or have at least considered storing them on a flash drive.

Maybe your best friend’s intervention to get you out on a Saturday night even resulted in an actual date.

But there’s just one little problem, my paesano: You still aren’t over your ex.

An ex that doesn’t just make you feel wretched and irate.

But an ex that comes back to haunt you and still be a stunad.

And while getting back with an ex isn’t a sin?

It probably should be.

Because it represents the you of yesterday.

Not the one who can forgettaboutit and arrive-- stronger than ever.

Arriving is about getting to a place where you don’t want to be in a broken relationship. Getting to a place that you’ve worked hard for. Getting to a place where you can attract the love you deserve.

And that’s where this book comes in.

How to Get Over Your Ex: A Step by Step Guide to Mend a Broken Heart Italian American Style provides you with solid strategies for getting over your ex as efficiently and wholeheartedly as possible.

One part self-help and one part celebration of Italian American culture, it encourages you to adopt a winning combination of Italian American characteristics and traditions, while embracing the power of family, faith, food, la dolce vita, and much more.

In sum, this book helps people who’d like their advice delivered in a fun and entertaining fashion to rise above their breakup and come back swinging. (No Italian American ethnicity required!)

It helps people like you to:

- Properly mourn their relationship and let it rest in peace

- Get themselves out of denial and into a new reality

- Realize they have emotions and it's okay to express them (Hello, Boys!)

- Conclude their ex is a stunad; their relationship is dead (And who needs that s**t?)

- Become stubborn and proud

- Improve their health tremendously

- Benefit from friends and family

- Realize Nutella cures all

- Live a sexy lifestyle

- Attract amore or something like it

Without a doubt, this is the ultimate guide to getting over your ex.

Like Badda Bing, Badda Boom.

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March 15
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