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Would you like to see your book on sale in bookstores, locally, nationally or internationally?

Time was when that was impossible or more trouble than it was worth but new technologies, tools and distribution methods are making it easier for indies to score space in brick bookstores -- and use it well.

This guidebook shows you how and addresses questions frequently asked by indie authors such as:
Should I bother about bookstores or print books at all or stick with ebooks and audio? How do I approach a bookstore?

What’s the best way to publish my book to appeal to booksellers?

Print on demand (POD) or consignment order?

How do I set the retail price and the bookstore’s or distributor's discounts?

How do I sustain supplies without absorbing my profit?

Is profit even possible with POD?

Is Amazon (CreateSpace or KDP Paperback) taboo?

The answers to these questions, and much more, are contained in this easy-to-follow guidebook, written with the marketing needs of self-publishing authors in mind, but useful to all authors.

It explains:

How brick bookstores operate, equipping you to work more effectively with them
how to make your book bookstore-ready
how to approach booksellers professionally and with confidence
how to make an effective pitch for shelf-space
how to deal with independents and chain stores
how to sell books through other outlets
how bookstores are important to all authors
how forward-thinking booksellers are developing new and exciting store concepts

This companion book to ALLi's “Authors For Bookstores” campaign is written by Publications Manager, Debbie Young, in her trademark friendly and encouraging style.

A quick and accessible read for all authors who want to see their books in brick bookstores, it provides ideas, encouragement and inspiration, as well as all the information you need.

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July 10
Font Publications
Aine McCarthy T/A Orna Ross

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