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“How to Give a B*****b: Five Steps to the Best Head He’s Ever Had” is an advanced oral sex course that recasts the art and language of a b*****b into Five Master Steps anyone can make their own.Using a highly developed but easy to learn skill set, Brooke Belletrix guides you through a step by step secret sex map everyone possesses but may not have fully awakened. Readers are provided with a model on how to access these key component pathways in themselves and each other. Fortified with a deeper understanding of how your partner experiences desire, Brooke’s moment to moment descriptions of her knock out techniques specify exactly what to do when, how, and especially why in concise, vivid prose. Each step is meticulously detailed with a precision that connects you to your partner in a way his body has yet to experience. Best of all, she doesn't try to make the process so complex that you feel inadequate to the task. Instead, she presents revolutionary and highly effective elite level instruction - everything you need to transform a standard b*****b into “the Best He’s Ever Had.”“Brooke Belletrix makes an excellent case as to why her methods may be the foundation for the best b*****b ‘he’s ever had.’ She uses a variety of technical examples, but it’s the order in which she presents them that I found the most helpful. Even if you're experienced with giving oral sex to men, this book will catapult you above and beyond the fantasy of even the most seasoned beneficiary.” - M.O.“America’s perceptions about blowjobs are about to be completely rethought, thanks to groundbreaking new information from an expert on sex energy. Brooke Belletrix has an important message to share: male or female, sex is more than just sex and the b*****b more than just foreplay.” - T.M.“Excellent book. Very sophisticated with graphic tactics and just an excellent tool for anyone interested in becoming a b*****b savant.” - G. P.“This is the best book for someone who wants to immediately understand the basics and advanced concepts of giving a b*****b. Reading this one book is far better than reading five others and putting together the advice.” - B.B.“I congratulate this author on the best book on sex in general I have ever read! Five Stars!!!” - F.S.“The author of this book really knows her stuff. The writing is sharp, well-articulated and brainy. I've read a dozen how-to sex books and have used some of what I’ve learned from them, but I must say this book stands alone in its authenticity. Five stars.” - C.N.“This is one of those exceptional reviews where I would endorse this volume as essential reading. With a mystical perspective to sexuality, Belletrix outlines an approach to attaining body mind awareness without getting new-agey. She takes a focused look at the value of internal rhythms and provides exercises that the reader can use to get in touch with them. What’s refreshing is how she combines that awareness with concrete strategies to redefine and raise the bar for what is without question a virtuoso b*****b.” - S.C.

Health, Mind & Body
August 9
Brooke Belletrix
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