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This guide is a basic structure of the apprenticeship. It is a guide for the Master to keep a structure of instruction and a consistent curriculum. It is a guide for the apprentice to develop as a tattoo artist and gain credibility.
I wrote this guide for the sole purpose of what I expected from my apprenticeship, and how I could make sure my apprentice are completely competent of all aspects of a tattoo parlor. I feel this guide has a sound structure for all Masters to follow.
This industry is booming and as Masters, we need to set higher standards of qualifications as a must. We need to demand more before they walk through the door. If a person seeks employment and has little knowledge of the trade or a small tattoo portfolio, guide the person in the direction of an apprenticeship. I can be confident with this curriculum each and every time the apprentice should have strict criteria to follow.
I was an apprentice under two different Masters. Each Master taught different attributes of our field, first two years were shop structure and basic tattooing procedures. If it wasnt for this opportunity, the other door would have never presented itself. For this I am grateful.
Now my second two year apprenticeship came to me just the same as the first, as if by fate. I was at a real low point in my career and just at that point of uncertainty I was approached by a big red headed dude at the local diner. He acquired about a piece on my neck and gave his compliments to the artist. He left me his card and urged me to call him.
I had nothing to lose, and two days later I made that call and made an appointment to come see him. I was not there in his shop all but twenty minutes when he just burst out with I might be looking for an apprentice! and getting approval of acceptance from his wife, I was given another opportunity.
This curriculum sets a clear standard of what each apprentice should be taught. This is an instructional guide for keeping the apprentice on track. This is a review book for those lead artist interested in taking on an apprentice.
I set the professional standard of curriculum for my shop. What do you use for yours? There is so much history about art, not including the amazing tattoo artists that bring the art to life. Let us set our entry level standard for apprenticeship higher and keep this curriculum mandatory, as our own professional standard of all tattoo artist.
Some Masters focus on shop function, others focus on procedures some Masters have sacred trade secrets, no matter the Masters instructional guidance now we all have a professional standard of curriculum. My hope is that all Masters share the same knowledge with each apprentice and pass down too generations to come. I wrote this guide to help me with the knowledge of what I needed to know to guide my apprentice, if this helps you be a better Master and gives your apprentice a better understanding of what is expected. It can turn a long hard road into a nice cool breeze for every apprentice.

April 30
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