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Why this book? There are a lot of books out there which teach you the basics of the stock market and how to invest in stocks. This book goes one crucial step further: How to actually invest after you learn the basics. How to buy stocks online. How to get your hands dirty after you read the theory! This is what I was missing when I first started reading books and online resources on the stock market. OK, guys, I know what stocks are now but what am I supposed to do next? How can I invest and buy the damn stocks which will make me rich in the future?

To be honest, I didn't write this book for you. I first wrote this book for members of my family who didn't know anything about investing and especially my brother. My brother is a brilliant scientist with a PhD from the Imperial College of London but when it comes to money, he sucks. I hope he'll never read this! :) What I want to say is I wrote this for people I care a lot about because investing is one of these things that one should have learned at school. But no one taught me these things. No one taught my brother either.

I'm not afraid to admit it but no matter I worked in equity derivatives for big investment banks like Merrill Lynch and Barclays Capital I used to suck myself at money. Because it took me a while to understand that my money should be working hard for me every single day and not me working for my money. 

Your money should be going to the gym every day and sweating to death for you. I wish I had learned that earlier in my life. One thing for sure, I took my lesson, I read a ton of books, I made mistakes, I lost money, but now I know what works and what doesn't. I know what I have control over. I know how to handle my emotions. Instead of buying and selling stocks every day, I wrote this book to educate other people like you on how to do it the right way right from the start. I play the long-term game. The same game Buffett has been playing. 

This book does two things actually: 

1) It explains stock market investing in the simplest words ever. You don't need to know anything. It takes you from point zero. I made it damn simple and straightforward.

2) Then, it shows you how to open an account and buy stocks today. It's easy. I'll show you how to open an account online and buy what Warren Buffett suggests. Not me. Warren Buffett. It's simple. It's as simple as applying for a bank account online.

This book tells the truth. It's written in a humble way, in a Buffett humble way I'd say. If you want to be rich in the next six months trading stocks online, please don't buy this book. It will not be helpful. There are other books out there which promise you to make you a top trader in three months.

There is only one thing I can brag about though, I mean, my grandmother risk-free guarantee: Give this book to your grandmother and if she still doesn't get how the stock market works after reading the book, please ask for a refund. No risk. There's more for you, I'll also send you a pdf copy of all my other books for free and a letter to apologise for wasting your time and your grandmother's time. Honestly. I'm not joking now.

I wish you prosperity both in your bank account and your life, 

Angelos Georgakis

Business & Personal Finance
October 26
Angelos Georgakis
Draft2Digital, LLC

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