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Julia Emery has it all: fame, success as a blogger an author of several books, and a razor sharp wit, that is until her fiancé jilts her a month before her wedding. She’s convinced that this is the worst thing that could happen to her until she wakes up feeling a little dead after a one-night stand. Panicked at the thought that she could eat her best friend and roommate, Kim, Julia calls on her less than conventional doctor who confirms that she has been infected with STZ: Sexually Transmitted Zombieism.
The girl who once lived for mani-pedi’s and celebrity mixers is now desperate to keep her body parts actually “on” her body. Desperate for a cure, she teams up with undead friends, Lucy and Mary Beth, and the enigmatic Samantha, who is not quite what she appears to be. Samantha, a biology whiz, works behind the scenes to find a way to stop her friends from deteriorating into brain-munching, walking dead clichés.

In the meantime, Nathan Lord, Julia’s one-night stand, won’t take no for an answer. Nathan is hung up on her, dead or alive, and proves as much, dashing to the rescue when vampire, Ivan, wreaks his particular brand of havoc a little too close to home, kidnapping Julia’s beloved grandmother, Eleanor. Julia quickly realizes that Eleanor it seems has gone through some changes herself after drinking a potion she pilfered from Julia’s friend Samantha.
Struggling to adjust to this new life seems like a tall order let alone trying to find love again, or more importantly, a way to fool the youth-and-beauty obsessed human world into believing she’s very much alive.

There’s never a dull moment in this darkly comedic adventure that has our heroine trying to solve a mysterious death one moment and rescuing her beloved dog, Gracie from a ditzy vampire who wants to eat her, the next, and never far behind is the persistent Nathan, stirring her zombie heart, reminding her, that even dead girls need love.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
September 30
Gabrielle Garbin
Smashwords, Inc.

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