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In How to Lose Your Mind in No Time, Hanaan Rosenthal covers a topic that is universal in nature: how to change your life. However, rather than focusing on altering specific aspects of your life, he treats change as an umbrella subject because he believes any change, whether in finance, love, fitness, or health, involves much of the same process. Even if you lead a comfortable life, he maintains change can be deeply rewarding and fulfilling, and says that experience and state of mind are the starting points from which we all move forward in life’s journey. Illuminating, spiritual, and deeply inspiring, his book is about awareness, understanding reality, and personal growth. Readers will discover that contentment, both inside and out, is not only possible, but also right within their reach.

May 1
TMI Publishing
Hanaan Rosenthal

Customer Reviews

Lisabeth Bennett ,

Your Guide to Everyday Magic

Hanaan Rosenthal is a force of nature. As you read this book you will have the sense of him sitting with you, an expert guide, enthusiastically explaining how you create your problems and giving practical advice about the ways to stop that.

When the book was still a manuscript I was lucky to be chosen as a reader. At the time my life was a mess. Although Hanaan would see it differently, I felt overwhelmed by romantic messiness, financial chaos, underemployment, divorce, and the prolonged illness and lingering death of my father.

I had never read any Law of Attraction literature so his whole framework came as a revelation to me. He explains how we live into our subconscious beliefs. This book helped me to see myself as more than the sum of my problems. Sure, my challenges were ongoing, but Hanaan's message changed me. Then everything else changed, too.

The book taught me that worry is nonproductive and then helpfully offered up an elegantly simple model: act or let go. A binary formula from a computer guy! I just love that!

As a hypnotist and EFT/Tapping practitioner, my training provided lots of tools and techniques for letting go. Hanaan provided the philosophical framework for life that turbo-charged those techniques. The missing link.

As you read How to Lose Your Mind you will learn a whole new way to see yourself and the world. The messages are repeated often throughout the work, but the repetition is just what we need. Slipping back into your default victim mentality can be expected and Hanaan's reminders are so helpful. Like all skills, you will need to practice your emotional freedom.

The book specifically addresses a wide variety of the issues we face: finances, employment, relationships, health, weight, etc. Hanaan offers perspectives on putting his simple system into place for each. He also tackles common emotional obstacles, including anger, revenge, and regret, offering up his commonsense wisdom, helping you lose that baggage.

The best part of the book is Hanaan's instructions about deliberately creating the life you want, being wildly creative and enthusiastic about pursuing your dreams. He explains how to FEEL your way into your future.

The first time I tried this it blew me away. It was absolutely freaky.

For a year or so I had been involved with a man named Walter, his real, somewhat uncommon name. I was madly in love, but he was unable to reciprocate. Lots of pain ensued and, eventually, I had the strength - just barely - to break it off. Hanaan's manuscript was at my bedside those dark days, as I sat, miserable, contemplating the lost future Walter and I could have shared. There were things I wanted to do together. For some reason going to my favorite restaurant, Mill's Tavern, was the one I felt the worst about. Now we would never do that.

After a week of self-pity during which I read Lose Your Mind I decided to take Hanaan's advice to envision the partner I wanted and FEEL his presence in my life. With no prospects, I joined an online dating site. Within a week I was communicating with some people.

By the beginning of the next week I had been invited to dinner by a sweet guy. He, out of the blue, asked if I liked Mill's Tavern. Coincidence? That Friday night I sat down to dinner at Mill's with...wait for it... Walter. Yup. We met for the first time that night, had an amazing four hour dinner, and have been together ever since. Just like that! This new and improved Walter has shared with me all the love and commitment Old Walter couldn't offer.

How in the world could this happen? It was blindingly fast and virtually effortless.

In Hanaan's world this is everyday magic. Expect it. Your ability to revolutionize your life by making yourself a magnet for your dreams is literally at your fingertips as you read his book.

So...what wildly creative dream would make you feel alive? Are you ready to lose your mind in the most amazing way?