How to Make Better Homebuying Decisions. An Insiders Guide to Help People Save Money and Avoid Costly Mistakes When Buying a Home

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Discover how to make better homebuying decisions.
Decisions that will save YOU money and help YOU avoid costly mistakes.
Are you sick and tired of renting? Do you want to learn how to transition out of renting and into owning a home of your own?
Do you want to avoid the costly and stupid mistakes most homebuyers make?
Then it's time to read this book.
How do you get out of renting and into a home of your own? Do you have the resources needed to buy a home?
- Can you qualify for a mortgage?
- Is your credit good enough?
- Do you have enough money for the down payment and closing costs?
- Can you find a home you like but that you can also afford?
- Do you know who to trust and work with?
The traditional real estate industry has an ingrained sales culture. As a result who can you trust? When a real estate licensee claims to be a buyer agent, will the licensee actually be your agent? Or, are they telling you something you want to hear, but that they are unwilling or unable to provide?
- Do you want to avoid making a major mistake?
A recent survey of homeowners produced some shocking results. 63% of millennial homeowners surveyed regretted buying their home. 44% of all homeowners surveyed said they regretted buying their homes.
- Do you want to end up with buyer's remorse like these homebuyers did?
They wanted to take part in the American Dream of owning their own home. Shortly thereafter, they felt buyer’s remorse with the home they bought. For these homebuyers, the American Dream turned into a nightmare.
- Join author and real estate insider, Tom Wemett, as he shares his real estate advice with you. He has 48 years of real estate experience, representing homebuyers only for the last 28 years.
Here’s a little of what you’ll discover inside:
- Nine reasons to continue to rent and not buy a home.
- Five reasons why owning your own home makes more sense than renting.
- Ten ways to find cash for your down payment and closing costs.
- Five steps to prepare for buying the right home at the right price and on the right terms.
- Five ways to screw up your mortgage and home buying.
- Three ways to get and keep a higher credit score.
- Three steps to finding the right home within your budget.
- Your real estate “Miranda Warning”! Caveat Emptor - Let the buyer beware.
- Finding a True Loyal Agent(R), your best buyer agent option.
- A True Loyal Agent's(R) pledge and guarantee of loyalty.
- Do buyer agents work for "free"?
- The three parts of developing a negotiation strategy.
- Take advantage of these seven seller motivations.
- Thirteen Tips for determining a starting offer price.
- Eleven important contract contingencies helpful for a buyer.
- Ten inspections and tests that aren't included in most general home inspections.
- Eleven action items that need attention for a successful home closing.
- Should you even consider buying a home during a raging pandemic and economic crisis?
Connect with Tom Wemett's practical advice and insider's perspective. Make better homebuying decisions. Decisions that will save you money. Decisions that will help you avoid costly and stupid mistakes when buying your next home.

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September 14
Tom Wemett
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