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Bring your home out of the mess it’s in—and learn how to keep it under control.

Do you experience heart palpitations at the sound of an unexpected doorbell? Do you stare in bewilderment at your messy home, wondering how in the world it go this way again? You’re not alone. But there is hope for you and your home.

In How to Manage Your Home Without Losing Your Mind, Dana K. White explains, clearly and without delusions, what it takes to get—and keep—your home under control.

With understanding, honesty, and her trademark humor, Dana shares her field-tested strategies including:
Exactly where to start to tame the chaosWhich habits deserve your focus and will make the most impactHow to gain traction in your quest for a manageable homePractical tips you can implement and immediately to declutter huge amount of stuff with minimal emotional drama
Cleaning your house is not a one-time project but a series of ongoing premade decisions. Start learning Dana’s reality-based cleaning and organizing techniques—and see how they really work!

Health, Mind & Body
November 8
Thomas Nelson

Customer Reviews

Minkatmony ,


This book was helpful because it teaches how to deal with dishes, something I struggle with. It helped more than some other cleaning books I have read.

Merriebelle ,

Life changing

I’ve listened to Dana for about 2 years now. You could listen to every episode and get a lot out of it like I did. But only after reading her book am I actually implementing her methods daily and consistently. I’ve read a few minimalism books and watched documentaries. Her method is my favorite and so practical. When I just want to go to bed without finishing the dishes I hear her voice in my head ! When I really don’t want to sweep the floors and they aren’t that bad I remember that this is a pretty made decision she she is doing it too no matter how tired she is. 10/10 recommend reading this !! ❤️ I’m a full time working mama about to have baby #2 and go back to staying home with the babes. I’m so glad I read this now and am able to get in a good routine before I get even more tired or have more excuses of why now isn’t a good time. Thank you Dana !

vheckman ,

Thank you Dana!

In addition to the immediately actionable advice, it's comforting to know I'm not alone. Like Dana, I have struggled to understand why I excel at other "projects" in my life and work but not my own home. I have struggled thinking "if only I had a bigger place" and said to myself over and over "when I get done with [insert stage of life], I will become a tidy person." Dana is the friend who gets it and just shares what might work for people like us. I recommend reading the sample or listening to one of her podcasts before purchase to get an idea of who her target is. It's definitely me and I am so happy to have found her.

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