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If you have to marry then why not marry a millionaire. All things being equal chances of finding happiness with a rich person are much higher than marrying someone with little or no money.
A person who has made his millions has some character and qualities that has made him rich. Rich people in most cases are disciplined, organized, intelligent, confident and generous.
Poor on the other hand don’t succeed in making money because of some short comings in their personality like poor communication or social skills. They also tend to be less sure of themselves and can have complexes which can make stable relationships difficult.
Don’t get dissuaded by people calling you a ‘Gold Digger’. Once you marry rich opinions will change very fast.
To marry rich you need a plan and strategy. You have to understand what rich men are looking for and prepare yourself accordingly.
This book will give you all the knowledge you need to succeed in marrying a millionaire:
•Strategy and plan
•What education you need?
•How to groom yourself and use your body?
•How to use your life style?
•Habits, traits and psychology of millionaires you should know about
•How to succeed by aligning yourself with millionaire goals
This book reveals the secrets that will help you not only marry rich but even a millionaire or a billionaire. Grab this book before the price goes up.

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This book is informative, concise and to the point. It has given me clarity that I lacked earlier. Greg Shaw

I loved reading the book because it is real and written by investors who have great insight. Kendra Stewart

This book opened my eyes to new opportunities. Knowledge gained in this book will help me accelerate my portfolio and generate more cash flow. Lucia Gau

I started investing in properties recently. This book has given me insight on how to buy properties below value and evaluate if the investment is financially sound. Sanjay Gupta

If knowledge is the key to success then this is the book to read. Great book. Enjoyed every bit of it. Peter Burk

My Millionaire March 26, 2012
By J Barendse

Of course I want to mary a millionaire--who does not. I always thought my chances to do so were extremely slim and I never gave it too much thought. Then a friend of mine told me about the book"How to Marry a Millionaire". She had bought it and thought it gave some good advice on the subject. At least the advice in the book would make the possibility of finding such a man more likely so I bought the book. Lo and behold the book gives some great practical advice on finding a millionaire and how to make him to commit himself to you on a permanent basis. This is a great book well worth the price, buy it--highly recommended.

September 11
Rachita Kumar
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