How To Marry A Werewolf: A Claw & Courtship Novella

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Publisher Description

Guilty of an indiscretion? Time to marry a werewolf.

New York Times bestselling author Gail Carriger brings you a charming stand alone story set in her popular Parasolverse.


The monsters left Faith ruined in the eyes of society, so now they're her only option. Faith crosses the Atlantic, looking for a marriage of convenience and revenge. But things are done differently in London...

Werewolves are civilized. At least they pretend to be.


Backward heathens with no culture, Major Channing has never had time for them. But there's something special about Faith. Channing finds himself fighting to defend his species and his honor (what little he has left). But this werewolf has good reason not to trust human women.

Even if they learn to love, can either of them forgive?

"This intoxicatingly witty parody will appeal to a wide cross-section of romance, fantasy and steampunk fans." ~ Publishers Weekly, starred review (Soulless)

Ilona Andrews meets Georgette Heyer in this charming romantic comedy from the author of the Parasol Protectorate books. Look out for appearances from favorite characters and the serious consequences of unwarranted geology. Perfect for fans of Kelly Armstrong, Shelly Laurenston, or Richelle Mead.

A Note On Chronology

The Claw & Courtship novellas can be read in any order and this book can be enjoyed without having read any of Gail's other works. Set in Victorian England in the spring of 1896 this story occurs after events chronicled in Romancing the Werewolf and concurrent with those in Reticence. Want more sexy gruff werewolf gentlemen and practical tough ladies? Try Soulless.

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Customer Reviews

Airvamp12 ,

Soooo Romantic

Oh my god! This book was such a treat. It was full of romantic moments that made me swoon. This is a must read!!!!! I wanted it to never end. I still want more after finishing the book. I am so happy with the ending. The characters are amazing! The dialogue is witty and fast paced! Love this book. One of my favorites now.

MissBryden ,


I love getting characters' backstories. Then as an American and Anglophile I like seeing American Faith navigating the English waters, and getting more of a taste of what the American supernatural existence is in this universe.


<spoiler>I'm bothered by Faith knowing Channing wants to be rough with her, to treat her like prey, and that he wants that, and that he thinks it out like that, for her to be helpless under him. I see there’s agency from her in recognizing it and wanting it, too, but it sounds too like a violent encounter. Can it be violent and right? Is it only violent and wrong when not consensual? I can understand people wanting more passionate exuberance - but does it have to sound violent, with the female still like prey?
"He wanted to delve into her, with teeth and body until she was ravaged and supine and wrecked and bleeding and his.” and "wonderful violence” (p. 186).
Not all of their encounter is described like that, but where it is bothers me.
Yet Channing is caring and protective, they remind me of Alexia and Conall in the Parasol Protectorate. These men are so, rightly, concerned that these women come from such uncaring families and the women not expecting marriage and thinking they’re trapping the men in it.
But I admire how the bluff and bluster and soldier's violence is what's easy and the emotional vulnerability is what takes bravery.
There's more heartbreak in this story and so a dearer love story.

I’d rather hoped to have a scene (not just an indication of it likely happening in the future) of Faith roaming the countryside searching for her rocks, at Lyme Regis like Mary Anning - maybe I’m mixing my sciences, but still..

I also expected something lighter, just funny. A lesser situation could have been called “indiscretion”. So, it was deeper than I expected. But in a good way. </spoiler>

RoadrunnerReader ,

Positively wonderful book

So I was looking forward to this book. I didn’t mind that the one about the inventor was FF or that we FINALLY got Biffy and Lyall together, but I also enjoyed this MF one.

We start with a mysteriously disgraced American girl. She has to marry a werewolf. We’re not sure WHY, but her abusive mother seems to be dead set on it. Her father is some kind of politician in Boston.

She is sent over to England on the Flotty. She meets Channing straight off. She’s beguiling because she’s so feisty. And there starts a wonderful dance back and forth. Gail Carriger slowly reveals all the mysteries. I was really happy to learn about Channing’s shadows.

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