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There are many people who fail to overcome cannabis addiction by themselves. In fact they get lost in self-reproaching and blaming for not being able to do it on their own.

Lua Sáenz del Castillo, a psychologist specialized in cannabis addiction with more than 10 years of professional experience, has written a book which is an essential tool for people who have this problem and who are interested in overcoming definitively the addiction by working in themselves the psychological and emotional causes that led them to be marijuana dependent.

"It takes much more than willpower and self-control to overcome a long-term dependence on cannabis."



Chapter 1 The Lights and Shadows of Marijuana

Chapter 2 Does this have anything to do with you?

Chapter 3 What happened here? Why consuming Marijuana no longer produces what it used to generate? The stages of the relationship with Marijuana. Reasons for using cannabis. Types of consumers.

Chapter 4 Lack of willpower, frontal lobe, and dopamine

Chapter 5 How do you know if you really are a cannabis addict? What are the symptoms of addiction? Denial as a defense mechanism. The types of denial of the cannabis addict.

Chapter 6 Opening your eyes to your denial mechanism. I quit or I don´t quit. Personal empowerment.

Chapter 7 Working on the motivation

Chapter 8 Resolving long-term addiction is much more than overcoming physical withdrawal and having self-control. Honesty and avoidance.

About beliefs

Chapter 9 The Addict's Belief System

Chapter 10 The beliefs of addiction and marijuana. How does marijuana help to contribute to your self-deception and that you continue to hold your unreal and addictive beliefs?

Chapter 11 Get rid of the beliefs that lead you to addiction. The transformation of your beliefs.

Chapter 12 The great lie. Free yourself from the belief "I'm not good enough, I'm not worthy enough"

Chapter 13 The Addictive Personality and What Cannabis Does for You

Second part Overcoming the problem

Chapter 14 How to transform your addictive personality tendencies without using the drug to do the job for you

Chapter 15 Beyond Beliefs. Skills to deal with life conflicts. To internalize thoughts that support ourselves. Social pressure and the need to be assertive and learning to say no.

Chapter 16 The abstinence. To stop consuming Marijuana.What happens when you stop using marijuana? How to balance the brain naturally and increase your dopamine levels without needing drugs.

Chapter 17 Understanding the cravings: compulsion, yearning to consume

Chapter 18 12 strategies to overcome the cravings to consume

Chapter 19 Coping with the problems of your life

Chapter 20 Keys to deal with your feelings and emotions

Chapter 21 Self-sabotage because you are feeling good. The self-fulfilling prophecy.

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September 28
Lua Sáenz del Castillo
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