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All humans experience seven basic fears: poverty, old age, criticism, loss of love, sickness, death and failure.  

Jesus Christ is the only way to overcome these fears. Christ’s true faith is the virtuous treasure that overcomes all of fallen man’s distrust, anxiety, agitation, and apprehension, which terrorize man’s soul. 

This type of unholy fear comes from the Devil and causes men to think of God as a horrible avenger. 

But Christ’s divine Love casts out all mortal fear. Jesus came in His humility and humanity, overcoming all the tormenting fears of mortality that the Devil has given. Because He overcame, we, too, can be victorious over all mortal fear. 

Study this book and see how Jesus overcame all mortal fears through His seven steps down His “stairway of humility.” This is the road to victory over our seven basic fears.

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September 17
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Customer Reviews

LoveCoversAll ,

Jesus Christ Overcame My Fears

I read this book when I was going through trials in my life. At that time I was full of fears about poverty, loss of love, and failure. In Philippians 2:5-8, the author shows how Jesus Christ overcame those fears for us. As I read this book, I became more grateful for Him who became poor and took our place even though He was the Son of God in order to give us victory. What a great, sweet Savior we have!

JulyRuby0717 ,

Understanding Life's Struggles

This book is great for all ages in understanding their thoughts and feelings of the seven basic fears of man, which are humility steps that all Christians face while living on earth. The author uses both biblical and everyday examples to help the reader understand how the Devil uses unholy fear to torment us on these seven steps of humility. However, in reading Philippians 2:5-8, we see how Christ Jesus came in the flesh to help us triumph over our unholy fear. We then become more like Him and find love, joy, peace, and forgiveness on each step of humility. This book gave me many answers to my daily struggle of feeling unworthy!

EllieJL ,

Fear Is Rooted In Pride

This book saved my life when I was going through one of the most
difficult times in my life. I never thought of myself as a fearful
person before reading this book, but now I can easily identify the
root of my problem when different fears start to arise, and I can deal
with them before they become overwhelming. This book forced me to
confront many fears in my life, but through reading this book, the
author demonstrates how all of man’s basic fears are rooted in pride,
and this can be overcome through spiritual growth.

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