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The deadly skimmers, skilled Aspect Warriors and valiant Guardians of the Eldar craftworlds fight a constant battle for the survival of their very species. In this Army Workshop, the talented Studio army painters demonstrate how to paint a varied selection of Eldar miniatures using the Citadel paint range. Example miniatures featured in this extensive painting guide include the Wraithknight, a Storm Guardian, and the mighty Prince Yriel of Craftworld Iyanden. 

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May 24
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Iyanden Player ,

Covers Iyanden, lacks Aspect Warrior coverage

First off, I play Iyanden.

The good
Really covers how to paint yellow and Iyanden. Also covers how to paint Dragons.

The Bad

Lacking critical models. No Scorpions, banshees, swooping hawks, dark reaper, or harlequins.

So in the end this is not a guide to eldar, but a guide to Iyanden. Kind of sad because Eldar are fun to paint because the aspect warriors offer a lot of color options (unlike marines) that iWork for any craft world.

Wish this book was 200+ pages instead of what it is.

jimmaz ,

Not a bad buy

Overall I really enjoyed this ebook, I think the steps became repetitive after a while and I would much prefer a price of $10 instead of $16. It certainly will be interesting to see if these methods work as effectively as their shown and while they show what paints they use they don't suggest how to apply them. With washes like Casandora yellow because it's light I believe they applied it twice for some areas but you can't tell without an explanation. It is an 80+ page book so the concern over length shouldn't be a problem as I felt there was plenty shown. Overall not bad.

{s.o} ,


I have purchased the how to paints thus far for a few of the newest releases (Dark Vengeance (phenomenal), Chaos Demons (too useful to not buy) & Tau (no complaint possible)), and this one feels lacking. I am a fan of the easy to follow step by steps employed in these. Especially the close ups that can be attained. Yes, it shows how to paint the flyer and the knight. Without asking or telling us, we have to assume that the steps for the new flyer are how to paint the vyper model. Yes, obviously the steps for painting the wraith knight & wraith blade combine to aid in painting a wraith lordYes, obviously by showing how to paint the fire prism without painting the prism, we have been shown how to paint a wave serpent's body. Where is the step by step for the other aspects? Where is the step by step for the farseer? The level of presentation on previous iterations of the how to paint set the bar high to only see said bar knocked down with this one. Unless you want to paint altioc, STRONGLY RECONSIDER. I wish I had.

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