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How to Photograph the Northern Lights (second edition)

Text and photography by Patrick J. Endres

with aurora science notes by Neal Brown

If photographing the northern lights (aurora borealis) is on your bucket list, then this book is a must for you. Wonderfully illustrated, this 280-page eBook is a comprehensive and thorough guide that will equip you with the information necessary to capture your own photos of the northern lights.

Two long-time Alaskans and specialists in their fields have teamed up to create this resource. Professional photographer Patrick J. Endres, one of Alaska's most prominently published nature photographers, has mined the secrets of his two-decade career of aurora photography and outlined them in great detail, providing you with critical information to ensure your aurora photo quest is successful. Scientist and aurora specialist Neal Brown supplies the answers in layman’s language to often-asked questions about the aurora in his science notes sprinkled throughout the book.

The chapters contain a blend of technical and creative information that both the beginner and professional photographer will find invaluable. Topics discussed include where to go, when to go, what time is best, working in the cold, what camera and lens to use, aurora forecasts, composition, how to expose, moon and moonlight, and much more. The text is augmented with more than 150 of Patrick's luminous aurora photos, thoughtful quotes, and many illustrations, graphs, and figures to instruct you in the do's and don'ts of nighttime aurora borealis photography.

Patrick says: “Over the years I've seen countless errors made when photographing the aurora. This book equips both the beginning and professional photographer with all the necessary insider information to skip those costly mistakes—and offers the inspiration for the armchair photographer to get out there and explore the night skies on their own—you can do it.”

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November 29
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Customer Reviews

Texas Ladybug ,

Great Book!

I just returned from Fairbanks, Alaska, my first trip to photograph the northern lights. I have been following Patrick Endres' blog and emails for several months now and was excited to learn a couple of days before my trip that he had published the How to Photograph the Northern Lights eBook. I immediately purchased the book and read it on my airplane flight to Fairbanks. The chapters, “ Dealing With the Cold,” “Aurora Exposure,” “Choosing Cameras and Photo Gear,” and “In the Field” were great, but I found “Preparing Your Camera Gear” to be invaluable and reviewed it nightly as I prepared my camera for the capturing the lights that night. I was able to get some good pictures as a result of using the book.

dvmfrost ,


I have been looking forward to this book for a while and it came out just in time for my trip to Alaska next week. I downloaded it immediately when I learned it was available and then read the entire book in one night.

Patrick covers all you need to know from what clothes to wear (he doesn't just say "warm"), what camera gear to bring, what lenses you need, how to figure out exposure (which is very different from what we photographers do for normal night shoots), how to protect your equipment, when to go, and much more. The book is full of gorgeous shots (If I get ONE really good one I'll be happy)

What's great about having this book on my iPad is that I am able to highlight things I need to remember and make notes whenever necessary.

Patrick also has an on-line blog and I have found him to be very generous and prompt in answering any questions you might post.

tull777 ,


A wealth of info for learning how to photograph the Aurora correctly. Highly recommended!