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For all of you that have always thought that you would never understand the game of craps, here is a resource that is both comprehensive and readable. Yeazel has been a dealer and supervisor for crap games for over thirty years and has taught literally thousands of people to play the game. This experience has no doubt helped him to refine his explanations and to understand the common obstacles to learning craps. The fact that he also written articles for several magazines also speaks for his qualifications to write a book on the game.

The ebook is well illustrated and is also humorous in places, albeit in a jaded sort of way. The fact that the author refers to himself as a “crap dealer” instead of the more modern usage of “craps dealer” should give the reader an indication that they are reading a no b******t – old fashioned approach to the game.

Although the title suggests the game of craps is beatable, the author insists there is no way to beat a game consisting of fixed percentage bets in the long run. He does, however, claim to teach the reader how to lose less and win more through money management and choosing only the best bets on the table.

The bottom line is: for less than the cost of a minimum bet and an hour's worth of reading, you can have a total understanding of the game and a system that will enable you to capitalize on a big hand.

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November 23
Dale Yeazel
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Customer Reviews

Matt75711 ,

Quick read

It didn't take long to read this book, which also means that anyone who reads this and has played much previously may feel as though they didn't get much from the book. I picked up a few good thoughts and a couple new terms... 2/3 of the book was explaining bets and 1/6th of the book was explaining his aggressive and less aggressive winning methods...

Overall, I guess I was hoping for more from this book, but one thing I absolutely loved was the honesty of the author... He seemed to call things what they were and I enjoyed that