How To Press America's Reset Button

A simple, safe, legal and effective method to regain control of our government

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Publisher Description

How to Press America’s Reset Button lays out exactly how you can take back control of your government by severing the ever-increasing power that lobbyists, billionaires and other special interest groups have over our elected officials.  

This down-to-earth, easy-to-read handbook was written by a man whose concern for his children’s future inspired him to search for a way that he could personally change the country’s course for the better. After months of exhaustive research, he stumbled upon America’s “reset button,” a key to fixing our government that every American can put into action.

How to Press America’s Reset Button doesn’t favor any party, nor does it bash any individual, group or ideology. Instead, it offers a specific, effective solution Americans can use to actively—and very easily—put their country on a new path of repair, stability and growth.

Surprisingly simple and incredibly powerful, pressing the reset button will completely upend how business is currently conducted in Washington. It’s not a hope or a wish, but a way to make real change—before things get so bad, there’s no turning back.

Politics & Current Events
November 6
Viavera Books
Sean Burke

Customer Reviews

Teakettle 15 ,

Easy read, great book, important topic!

This book is as non-political and informative a look at our country's financial state as I've read. The author, through a combination of personal storytelling and factual information, guides us to understanding the magnitude of our debt problem while offering a simple solution to it...if
Only we would all listen!! Recommend you read this and, if you like it the way I did, get involved by simply recommending the book to others.

music critic#212328876 ,

We CAN Do It!

This is an important book. If you’re an American even mildly unhappy with the way our Country is headed, you should read it. It doesn’t matter what political party you are affiliated with. It’s easy to read, very informative and shows how we CAN press America's reset button!

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